The War Machine, also known as the Ram-Mobile, is a boss in the game Castle Crashers. It enters from the right of the screen by crashing through a wooden wall. The fight starts immediately.


The War Machine attacks by launching explosives which drop on the character, causing damage and knocking the character down. There does, however, appear X's on the ground to indicate where the explosives will land. It also attacks by driving at the player and hitting them, causing damage and knocking them down. The War Machine will also jack its main body up, revealing a group of barbarians hidden within. Some of these barbarians will then hop out and attack the player as well.


War Machine

A player battling the War Machine

During the fight with the War Machine, the player is restricted by an invisible wall to the left and by an invisible hole across the break in the wooden wall to the right. Players should avoid the Ram-Mobile's explosives at all costs, as it deals fairly high damage and will knock the player down. Before the explosive lands, a red crosshair will appear on the ground, showing where it will land. Players should stay away from these areas, as being on them at the wrong time will result in an explosive falling on them. To defeat it, jump and continually press a melee attack, and if it is moving, move your character in the same direction to maximize your air time. Overall, because the Ram-Mobile is a minor boss, it is not hard to defeat.


When the War Machine is defeated, it will explode in a pile of rubble. Because this is a minor boss, the player receives no rewards, such as food, gold, diamonds, and weapons.


  • There seems to be a never-ending supply of Barbarians inside the machine, which can be seen, when the body is lifted up, during an attack.
  • At one point, in the background, the War Machine can be seen driving through the war.
  • The flames of the War Machine have not gone out even by the end of the game.
  • The song that's played when you fight the War Machine is called "War Machine."
  • The War Machine resembles a ram because it's meant to be a "battering ram".
  • The War Machine is the first boss you encounter in the game, albeit a minor boss.

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