The Volleyball Game is in the level Sand Castle Roof. You have to fight a few waves of Saracens until you reach the game. Once you reach the game, you will see a beach ball in the middle of the court. Hit the ball to the other side of the court and make sure it hits the ground. Repeat this until you get 10 points. If you lose, you can still do it over until you get it right. Once you beat it, you will obtain the Map.


  • An easy way to see where to hit the volleyball is to look at its shadow on the ground.
  • You can throw your boomerang across the line to get their attention.
  • Another easy way is to have high agility.


  • You can attack the Saracens across the center line. If you do, they will run towards you but cannot get past the center line.
  • You cannot kill any of the Saracens no matter how much you attack them, although it will stop them from returning the ball if they are flinching or knocked down.
  • If they hit the ball when it is next to the center line, the Saracens may hit you or even kill you if you have low health.
  • The line blocks any Arrows and attacks from trespassing and attacking the Saracens on the other side, however, any splash magic besides the Necromancer's can pass the line and hit them if they are close enough. This makes it very easy as they get knocked on the ground
    • The boomerang can pass through the center line.
  • It seems that if either team hits the ball on the center line, the other team gets a point.
  • The boomerang can go past the line and stun the Saracens.
  • Note: The Saracens have a beefy which has higher accuracy.
  • Perhaps one of the easiest characters to beat this with are the Industrialist or the Fencer since their buzz saw magic attack is not blocked by the center line and knocks over the Saracens.
  • Since the game is 2D, one's perception may be obscured causing them to miss, following the ball's shadow should help.
  • If you lose the match, the Saracens will laugh at you and the game developers will say "Fail!"
  • A good way to beat this is to hit the ball in to the air with a normal attack, and follow that up with a Jump Spin Combo. This not only sends the ball higher in to the air, making it harder for the Saracens to hit it, but you can often knock down one or more Saracens, causing them to miss the ball.
  • Orange Knight's magic can pass the center line.
  • The Blacksmith's magic can completely pass the center line.
  • If you have Dragonhead, when the Saracen gives you the map, Dragonhead will shoot him. Install Ball and Pelter do the same.

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