The Volcano Store is the fourth store that becomes available to players while playing through the game. It sells basic supplies as well as a weapon, an animal orb, and other items. It also has a Fire Demon Shopkeeper  who hates his job. He also has some snow globes and statues of the Cyclops to sell, possibly just decoration due to the fact that you can't actually buy them. It is the first store to sell a sandwich.

Shop DescriptionEdit


The Volcano Store - Open for business!

The Volcano Store is the largest store in the game, along with the Snow Store. It offers a weapon, an animal orb, some basic supplies, and other items. The Volcano Store is unlocked after a player completes the Cyclops' Fortress level.

Vendor Quotes Edit

  • Check out these snow globes.
  • Don't get burned! Shop here NOW!
  • Do you feel a draft?
  • MUHAHA... I mean, hello!
  • These deals are hot hot HOT!
  • Best deals in Lava World!
  • These prices burn my britches.
  • Dante is our best customer.
  • I hate my job.

Shop Items Edit

The Volcano Store sells five items:

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first shop in the game to introduce the Sandwich item.
  • Conveniently, the price for Sandwiches is cheaper here than in the other store to sell sandwiches; which is Snow Store.
  • The quote "Dante is our best customer." is a reference to Devil May Cry 's main protagonist Dante.

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