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The Volcano is a mini-boss found in the Lava World level.


Two fire demons will indefinitely provide you with sandwiches upon defeat throughout the whole fight (also hinting you must consume one when you realize you can't deal damage to the volcano by normal means). Eat a sandwich to turn "beefy". It does not matter how much damage you do, but how many times you hit the volcano. If you already have sandwiches when you enter the fight, it will be much easier. Then just keep attacking him until the sandwich effect runs out. The windmill attack is the best tactic to use, as the fireballs will not affect you when the lava rocks hit your area. Watch out for crosshairs on the ground, these show where lava rocks will fall. Because he is a minor boss, you get no reward for beating him.

Alternatively, if you already have some sandwiches in your inventory (and most likely you do, from the ones dropped by the fire demons at the metal gate), move carefully to where the volcano fight takes place, but just until you can barely see him on screen. Eat a sandwich and carefully move toward him. Approach him only until your fists can barely reach him and then start attacking (windmill attacks are recommended as they can inflict multiple hits in a short time). This way you will be able to score many free hits before the fight actually starts. Essentially you can burn the entire first sandwich and the volcano won't retaliate. Once the effect of the first sandwich ends, however, the volcano will start attacking and the two fire demons will spawn, but by this time his health should be depleted about ⅓ ~ ½ of his whole HP bar.


  • The Volcano's only attack is shooting lava rocks, marked by red crosshairs on the ground. Players will remain unharmed as long as they dodge the falling lava rocks.
  • Two Fire Demons will infinitely spawn and attack you through the whole fight.


Apparently the Volcano unexpectedly became active again after a long time of being dormant, taking the townspeople of Volcano Town by surprise and burying them under a pile of ash. Most probably, the Volcano destroyed all of Volcano Town, and the sign saying "Volcano Town - No active volcanos!" ironically became wrong, as you can see dead townspeople likely killed by him.


  • This is the only boss that requires the use of a Sandwich.
  • This is the only boss whose health is scaled in hits.
  • Fire Demons will assist him though the fight and they drop sandwiches upon death.

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Note: The entire level of Lava World is included in this video.

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