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I realized our old staff application thread was deleted, and it was pretty outdated anyway. All staff positions (including rollback) come with a correlating role on the discord server if you would like them, however you are not expected to moderate both.

All Positons


Your primary responsibility is to undo vandalism edits. Rollback comes with the ability to undo a bad edit with a click.


Your primary responsibility is to keep the wiki safe. You can remove toxic comments, protect high traffic pages, and delete spam pages.


Your primary responsibility is to maintain the wiki's functions. Posting announcements, working on the CSS, and various other tasks to keep the wiki fresh. You can also block users.


Same as admin, except with the ability to manage other user's priveledges.

Is a position available?

Roles such as moderator and admin are only open if there is a demand for that position, however we are always looking for new wiki rollbacks. If you are interested in other positions, keep an eye on the announcements channel in the discord. 


If you are interested in a position, comment your application in the comments below. Your application should include a personal description, a brief history of your actions on the wiki, as well as your edit count.