Hey everybody, Ehkano here. I just wanted to make this short and sweet blog post asking for suggestions for the wiki. Whether it's community based or things we should be focusing editing on, you should leave a comment on this blog explaining it to us! Make an account and join the discussion!

If you want to apply for staff, then please make sure you're able to follow these outlines:

  • Moderator
    • You'll need to visit the wiki daily
    • You don't need to edit pages a lot, but fixing grammar or adding categories is fine.
    • You'll need to deal with troll edits and other vandalism accordingly, and be the peacekeeper in the comments sections.
  • Administrator
    • You don't need to visit the wiki daily
    • Take care of any moderator responsibilities as needed, but don't go out of your way. Backseat moderation is almost always unnecessary.
    • You'll need to make more substantial edits than moderators and bureaucrats, because the main reason you'd become an admin is so you can edit locked pages, and edit the navigation/main page, or rename and move pages, or delete them as necessary. You can also (obviously) access the Admin Dashboard. This position is your janitorial master key to the wiki, so you should put it to good use.
    • Because this position has a lot of benefits and power, it won't go out to just anyone. You'll be expected to have your edit counter on your profile at or around 300, and a bureaucrat will review your contributions to make sure that they're of good quality, and not just a bunch of comments and message replies. The number the counter is at isn't that important, but this requirement is mainly to ensure that you're going put the position to good use.
  • Bureaucrat
    • You don't need to visit daily, but at least as often as admins or more.
    • You and the other bureaucrats are in charge, so set a good example. Help out new users when they ask questions, and try to reply to messages and comments when you can. NEVER insult or mistreat a new or standard user.
    • You should at least have around the same amount of edits as an admin, give or take 100.
    • Take care of any responsibilities of administrators or moderators as needed, but don't go out of your way. As an added twist, make sure the moderators and administrators are doing their jobs, and if they're not, follow up by leaving them a short and sweet message.
    • Before promoting users, or before making any other significant change, ALWAYS reach a consensus with the other bureaucrats about it via messaging BEFORE making the change.

Ehkano [BUREAUCRAT] Aichomancer [BUREAUCRAT]