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The Undead Cyclops, or sometimes "Recyclops," is the second of the four final bosses. He is the reincarnation of the Cyclops boss seen earlier in-game on the Cyclops' Fortress level. Visually, he is slightly different from the original Cyclops. Patches of skin appear to have been melted away, and his eye has been replaced with magma.


For the most part, the Undead Cyclops has a similar pattern to the original Cyclops. He follows the player, swiping a large coffin at them.

After using the coffin to attack four times, he starts shooting fireballs at the player from his eyes, similar to how the original Cyclops throws knives at the player. Both the coffin and fireball attacks can be blocked with a shield.

After shooting five fireballs, he opens the coffin, unleashing the Undead Groom, hopping around on the coffin in an attempt to crush the Player, while the Undead Groom rushes into the Player. During this attack, both the Undead Cyclops and the Undead Groom are invincible. In time, the Undead Cyclops will call the Undead Groom back to the coffin and repeat the series of his previous attacks.


The Undead Cyclops is considerably easier than the original Cyclops, since two out of three of his attacks can be effectively blocked. When Undead Cyclops runs towards the player, they can use the shield to block his coffin; if successfully hit with the coffin, the player will take significant damage, especially on Insane Mode. Immediately after, it is advised to use some form of attack (e.g. splash magic attack) and spam it as much as possible until his next swipe. However, the player should also make sure to stop at the correct time, as he might hit them while they are performing a move. Repeat this sequence until his next attack.

Once he attacks a few more times, he'll run away and launch fireballs at the player. This, like his previous attack, can be easily blocked with a shield. Since he is a distance away, it is possible to use the bow or magic to tack on some extra damage. A skilled player will be able to fire 1-2 projectiles in between each fireball, lowering his health somewhat. The fireballs themselves are not that powerful, dealing a meager 5 damage even on Insane Mode, so getting hit by them shouldn't be too detrimental.

After his fireballs, he will release the Undead Groom, who will charge in the direction of the player, dealing a considerable amount of contact damage, albeit not changing direction until the end of the charge. The Undead Cyclops will attempt to crush the player by hopping around the battlefield. During this attack, both the Undead Cyclops and the Undead Groom are invulnerable to any form of attack.

Due to the fact that the Undead Groom travels in a linear path and will not change direction until the end of the charge, it shouldn't be too hard to avoid him, though his high speed can catch low-agility players off-guard. The Undead Groom cannot hurt a player that is in the air, so the player can avoid taking damage with ease by using some form of levitation, as Undead Cyclops isn't too fast on his coffin.

Another simple way to avoid the Undead Groom is to take a hit from the Undead Cyclops' hopping attack and hide in the ground until the Groom returns to his coffin. This deals negligible damage to the player, and while underground, the player is invulnerable to damage, making it impossible for either the Undead Cyclops or the Undead Groom to deal damage. Once he hops 20 times on his coffin, he'll call Undead Groom back to his coffin and repeat the same series of attacks again.

After Battle

After killing the Undead Cyclops, he will drop the coffin, and both him and the Undead Groom will fade away. A Boss Chest will fall down from the sky, and the ghosts of the Conehead Groom and the Cyclops will levitate upward, off-screen. Continuing will show another Large Purple Crystal which, once destroyed, will unlock the Next Boss.


Cyclops and Undead Cyclops side by side.


  • The theme "The Cyclops' Revenge" plays in the original Cyclops battle at the end of the Cyclops' Fortress as well as in the Undead Cyclops Battle.
  • The Undead Cyclops is also referred to as the Vengeful Cyclops.
  • The Dragon and Sock Puppet boss killed earlier in the game can be seen in the background.
    • The Eye Gate from the Cave Level from back in the Game can also be seen in the level.
  • There is a fossilized Fire Demon in a crystal in the Foreground. This is proof that Fire Demons aren't humans wearing masks.
  • At the end of the game where the player is about to kiss the Orange Princess (Tricky the Clown), they can see some of the enemies and bosses fought earlier in the Game, including the Groom's ghost playing his harp behind a keyboard.
  • The Undead Cyclops will not unleash the Undead Groom until his health has been brought down to a certain point. Instead, he'll only repeat the first two attacks.
  • While hopping on the Groom's coffin, the Undead Cyclops will jump exactly twenty times (per cycle of attacks). Since each of these jumps visibly shakes the whole room, it is easy to tell when the player should prepare to start damaging the Undead Cyclops again.
  • A weapon can be found in the Undead Cyclops' room. Near the arch leading to the next crystal, there are two overlapping bones forming an X mark, digging uncovers the Wooden Mace.
  • It is possible to avoid the Undead Groom's attacks by getting crushed by the coffin. However, staying underground too long will cause the Undead Cyclops to go off-screen until he is done hopping on the coffin.
  • The Undead Cyclops carrying a coffin when fighting him is a reference to the graveyard escape scene in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, where the T-800 carries a coffin with John Connor inside it.

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