Troll (animal orb) is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC: Troll is located in the Thieves' Forest, requiring three bombs to free him. In the ruins, where the trolls attack the character, you can see a pair of eyes in a slit in the far wall. There is a crack in the wall near him, do not waste your bombs on that crack, bomb directly in front of Troll. You can also use some characters projectile attack to break the wall too! (Must be bomb magic.)



How to obtain Troll.

Primary Ability

"Health Regeneration"

Troll slowly regenerates your health over time. This healing is based on your current Defense. As you gain more Defense, Troll will keep up and heal you more. The general recovery rate is 1% of your health every 8 seconds.


  • The Troll is a C Rank pet (C+).

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