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A Tool is an item that players can use in Castle Crashers to perform a multitude of actions. These include opening doors, finding items, breaking through objects, or healing the player.

The usable tools featured within the game are:

Image Name Sold in Stores? Location Maximum Amount Description
Health Potion.png
Health Potion Yes Any Store (except Insane Store) And Wizard Castle Interior (Insane mode 5 Fully restores a player's health.
Boomerang - -02-.png
Boomerang No Thieves' Forest 1 Breaks through barriers, stuns enemies, Picks up certain items and deals small amounts of damage to non-flinching enemies. Can also be used for XP glitching.
Bomb Yes Thieves' Store, Volcano Store, Swamp Village Store 9 Damages enemies and opens hidden areas.
Sandwich Yes Lava World, Volcano Store, Snow Store 9 Players can deal increased melee damage and can move specific heavy objects.
Shovel No Desert 1 Allows characters to dig up buried items hidden within a level.
Horn - -01-.png
Horn No Corn Boss (Level) 1 Can activate secret areas and events. Can also deal small to moderate damage to nearby enemies, also knocking them down.
Bow and Arrow No Barbarian War/Thief 1 Can shoot enemies/ players from a distance, and becomes more efficient the more agility the player has.