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These deals won't last.

The Thieves' Store is the second store in the game Castle Crashers. It is the first store to sell bombs.

Shop Description

The Thieves' Store is fairly small, offering only three items. The Thieves' Store is unlocked after a player completes the Thieves' Forest level.

Items sold

The Thieves' Store sells these items, however the weapons will change, depending on the game version and Mode:

Vendor Quotes

  • Psssst... Look here.
  • These deals won't last.
  • Tomorrow two for one.
  • Can I interest you in a new weapon?
  • You break it, you buy it.
  • I got kids to feed!
  • Steal of a deal.



Spanish Waltz


  • The music that plays in this store is Spanish Waltz by Urbanus.
  • This is the first store in the game to introduce the Bomb item.
  • Conveniently, the price for Bombs is cheaper here than in the other stores, namely the Volcano Store and the Swamp Village Store.
  • This is the only store in the game that has one item sold on two slots of the store.
  • This feature offers the player a quicker and more efficient way to purchase several Bombs.

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