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The Thieves' Arena is the second arena in the game Castle Crashers and is populated by the Thief enemy.


The Thieves' Arena can be very difficult for low level characters. The Thieves seem to enjoy firing arrows at the player a lot effectively preventing the player from standing up long enough to get an attack in. A good strategy is to use a character with access to sandwiches. While in "beefy" form, arrows no longer cause the player character to fly backwards, thus allowing combos to be successfully completed. This makes the arena much easier. Successfully completing all ten waves of enemies in the Thieves' Arena during a Solo Story game will unlock the Thief as a playable character.

Co-Op Version

During a 2, 3, or 4 player PVP match here, a Camel, a Horse or a Crocodile will appear in the arena for a player to ride.


  • The Thieves found on this level have increased weight. Therefore, the lightweight juggle is a bit harder to do on them.
  • A single player has to go up against a total of 55 Thieves to complete the arena.


The race around the world (Edit)
Character unlocked


  • The banner above the entrance to the arena reads "CAN'T WE JUST TALK ABOUT THIS?"
  • This arena is one of the very few arenas that do not have cats, along with Volcano Arena.

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