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Snow World is the thirty-second level in the game Castle Crashers. On Insane Mode, this level serves as, for the most part, a breather compared to what the game bombarded you with in Wedding Crash, Cyclops' Fortress, Lava World, Industrial Castle, Desert, Sand Castle Roof, Marsh, Medusa's Lair, and Full Moon.


Another aesthetically pleasing level in Castle Crashers. Here's what awaits you:

Wave 1: 7 Iceskimos.

Take out all of the snowball forts. Repeat for the following 3 Waves.

Wave 2: 8 Iceskimos.


Wave 3: 9 Iceskimos.

The most fortified Wave.

Wave 4: 2 Iceskimos.


Wave 5: 4 Iceskimos.

There is a dig spot that can be dug up with the Shovel here.

Wave 6: 4 Iceskimos.

Hidden from plain view, there are two Animal Orbs in the level.


Proceed to Ice Castle.


Animal Orbs

  • Yeti - Play through the end of the level. Before going up the hill leading to the cave entrance of the Ice Castle level, the Yeti can be found behind the shack with the smoking chimney and side window lights on.
  • BiPolar Bear - Play through the level to the end. Using the Horn, an item found before entering Snow World, near the Horn sign at the cave entrance leading to the Ice Castle level and BiPolar Bear will appear.


  • If you hit the snowball forts at the start of the level, the Iceskimo will not attack for a short while, so you can continue attacking until you take it down.
  • Very good grinding spot for Insane Mode as the Iceskimos have 3300 health each and there are a lot of them. Strength being maxed out makes absolutely no difference.
    • Maximum is 112,000 XP per visit. However, this can never be achieved in succession after Level 10 is reached, if at all possible without cheating.


Rapid Damage Glitch

Using the icicle forts and clever use of the camera, position yourself to where the icicle fort is at the edge of the screen, then bounce back to the obstacle as the Iceskimos will quickly die on any Mode from your unique juggling skills.




  • The song that plays throughout the level is Winterbliss by cycerin. The song sounds similar to Röyksopp's "Poor Leno" from Melody A.M.

Video Walkthroughs


CC Snow World

Gray Knight in Snow World on Normal Mode.


Castle Crashers Insane Mode (Solo) Snow World

Red Knight in Snow World on Insane Mode.


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