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Slime is an enemy first encountered in Pipistrello's Cave level.


Slimes appear to be that of a brownish-gray substance that has obvious sentience. Slimes will move around areas by hopping towards the player. Its only attack appears to be latching onto the player's head (which can be anticipated before it jumps, visibly blinking red). The slime can then be expunged by rapidly moving the left stick side to side. Slimes cannot be frozen, stunned, poisoned, or burned.

Slime leeching on to the Player


Slimes can be found in many places, mostly dark places like caves. They seem to attack anything that intrudes.


Do as much damage to it as possible in a short period of time. When attacked, it will hop backwards as to retreat from the player. Keep your left stick finger ready, when they come in swarms, it's almost guaranteed that they will latch onto the player. As said above, Slime cannot be frozen or stunned but magic will still have an effect on them. A player with a maxed out Magic skill and a weapon that boosts the skill should be able to take one out on normal mode in one shot.


  • Slimes have approximately 75 health points
  • Slime are not known to drop any weapons, food or gold.
  • Throwing a Slime will not damage it.
  • Running into Slimes with Rammy deals lots of damage.
  • Unlike many other enemies, the Slimes don't seem to have any connection to any other enemy. They seem to attack just to attack, and have no other motivation.