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​ The Shovel is a tool in Castle Crashers that allows players to dig up buried items hidden within levels. It is not vital for completing the story.

Once acquired, the player should be wary of the various "X" signs scattered on many of the grounds of the game's levels. When one is found, the player must select the shovel, stand over the sign and press the action button in order to dig one of the various items that could be buried in there, which can be gold (any type), food, weapons, animal orbs or even a useless boot.


At the start of the Desert level (just after exiting the Pirate Ship). It's located in plain view on the beach, near a small sand castle, just walk over it to obtain it. You must have obtained the Compass, the Telescope and the Ship's Wheel first in order to get to this area.


The shovel can be used to recover buried items (boots, gems,etc.) or even be used as a weapon. Hitting the Xbox360 Button B.png/PS3 Circle.png button causes the character to use the shovel. If an item is buried under the character, a prompt will show up telling the player to press the Xbox360 Button B.png/PS3 Circle.png button repeatedly. Doing so will cause the character to dig the item up and allow them to pick it up.

An example of a player digging a dig spot.

If used as a weapon, the player must use proper timing to make the initial stab of the shovel coincide with an approaching enemy, which will make this to flinch and launch him away.

Related Animal Orbs

  • Pazzo - Allows characters to find buried items with ease. When a buried item is on screen, Pazzo will hover over the buried item. Digging that spot up will result in finding a buried item.
  • Mr. Buddy - Allows characters to dig out an item faster.


  • Once the Shovel has been obtained, all others playable characters start with it in their possession. Same for the Bow and Boomerang tools.
  • The player doesn't need to spam Xbox360 Button B.png/PS3 Circle.png to dig up an item. Instead, they can use any button.

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