Sherbert is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers Remastered.


XBOX 360/PS3/PC/XBOX ONE: Sherbert is found in the Animal Ark. Go into the Ark and run to the left. Once you reach the end of the ship, use your magic jump to reach Sherbert. He is on a ledge and is partially hidden by your character status. You can also use the mid-air combo to gain enough height, but it is not nearly as convenient.

An easy way to get Sherbert is to use the 360 A+360 X360 X360 Y/PS3 Cross+PS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 Triangle combo twice.

On Insane Mode, absolutely nothing changes.


Primary Ability

"Cat Jump"

Sherbert allows players to jump higher, effectively making juggling 20x more difficult. Many consider this ability to be one of the worst pet abilities, as while Pelter, Dragonhead, and Install Ball attempt to do some damage, Sherbert has next to no advantage whatsoever. The jump boost is equivalent to that of a Magic Jump, which accentuates the problem.


  • Sherbert is proven to be more harmful than helpful and makes juggling all the more irritating to efficiently pull off.



  • Sherbert's location is a homage to the inter meme: Ceiling Cat.
  • It is the only Animal Orb available in the trial/demo game.
  • Sherbert was the name of Tom Fulp's cat.
  • Sherbert is one of two Animal Orbs to be found in the Animal Ark along with the Beholder.
  • Sherbert is arguably the worst pet in the game along with Install Ball.

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