Scratchpaw is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers Remastered.


XBOX 360/PS3/PC/XBOX ONE: Scratchpaw is located in the Sand Castle Interior level. Using a total of 2 Bombs, store-bought or Bombs produced by Conehead's, Royal Guard's, and Gray Knight's Magic Projectile and Air Projectile, break the cracked wall, which is located immediately after starting the level. Move to the far right from outside of the sand castle to unlock Scratchpaw for use.

On Insane Mode, bombing the wall can help out in the Beefy AI Manipulation exploit leading to the faster deaths of the two Beefy Royal Guards found in the close quarters level. Other than that, the same old method is used to bomb the wall, there is no danger to getting the Scratchpaw other than risking your life in the attempt of killing the Beefy Saracen with a Beefy juggle.


Primary Ability

"Dual Stat Boost: Strength/Agility"

Increases Strength and Agility by +1 and +2, respectively. Scratchpaw is particularly useful in the base game and in Arena Mode. Scratchpaw is one of the most versatile Animal Orbs to use in Arena Mode; a unique and powerful combo is by utilizing Scratchpaw in conjunction with the Ribeye or, to a less powerful extent, the Butcher Knife. This effect is only in the Original versions of Castle Crashers.

Increases Strength and Agility by +2 each. This buff lets Scratchpaw become more potent than previously. Still, the same weapons, like the Ribeye, Butcher Knife, and Sai are very powerful if using Scratchpaw in Arena Mode. This effect is only in the Remastered versions of Castle Crashers.



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