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Scorpions are found on the Desert and Desert Chase levels and can come from both left and right.


They are not incredibly powerful but if you let them swarm up they can deplete your health. They are very weak and can be killed with one hit.


If you gain speed and run at it on the camel you can keep bouncing it. In addition, there is a glitch where they can become invincible. Finally, they can be sucked down the quicksand holes. They are not aggressive and only walk in a straight line and only attack things in front of them, so you can easily walk around them. Players should watch out for them in the Desert level because they often will walk into the player when he or she is digging up treasure. Using Mr. Buddy will help to counter this, as players will be able to dig the treasure up faster.


  • The Scorpions could be a reference to the Scorpions in Alien Hominid HD, which also appear in a desert. They share the same death noise as heard in the games as well.
  • The Scorpions are not aggressive creatures. They only attack if the player stands in their way.
  • Scorpions aren't affected by the Boomerang.
  • BiPolar Bear will ignore Scorpions.
  • Hawkster will not pick fruit from a dead Scorpion, this is likely for balance purposes.
  • If a Scorpion walks into the center of a pool of quicksand, it will be sucked in.