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Scarabs are an enemy encountered in the Desert level.


Scarabs appear in the first Desert level alongside the Royal Guards and Saracen.


The Scarab's attacks are unprovoked and they have no deeper reason for attacking you other than the fact that you walked onto their home. Scarabs' health is around 230, but on insane mode they are slightly more challenging. Their hits do 158 Damage, their tunneling attack does around 56-58 Damage (even more in multiplayer), and their health is ten times greater. Make sure you stay in the air or at least try to avoid getting knocked down, because they can come back and drain a good portion of your health down when doing the tunneling attack. When you are laying on the ground and they hit you with the tunnel attack, they will hit you at least 3-5 times for over 55 damage per hit.


Scarabs aren't generally strong unless on Insane Mode, but tend to be more of a nuisance when Royal Guards help them out. The Scarab has two attacks: if you venture too close the Scarab will try to punch you, this attack is fairly weak, but is much slower than your attacks, so it is easy to get the first attack. For the Scarab's second attack he delves into the ground and tries to hit you; this attack does about 7 damage; attack becomes effective if the Scarab manages to hit you when you are on the ground, resulting in multiple hits. The Scarab is invincible while under the ground and flying. While under the ground, you can pull your shield up and block the tunneling attack from the front; however if you are hit from the back while guarding you will not block the attack and get hit. Scarabs can hit for up to 158 (57 if they hit you while they are underground), on insane mode. The best way to avoid them is to infinite fly by hitting X Y Y, or SQUARE TRIANGLE TRIANGLE while in the air. This trick can be difficult so magic jump can be useful as well.


  • There are two forms of Scarabs: a taller one with an oval shape and a shorter one with a flatter head (image below).
  • Scarabs are not actually beefy, they are naturally big.
  • Surprisingly enough, their burrowing attack can be blocked if the player is attacked head on.


A reversed image of one.

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