Rapids Ride is the eighth level in Castle Crashers. It is an easy level to beat, just as long as the player stays on some sort of Flotation Device!


Swim your way to the right. You'll need to jump out of the water to hit things. Try to avoid any rocks and Sharks that are only visible by their dorsal fins. In the very beginning of the level, you'll find some crocodiles and other things you can stand on and move about in the water a lot easier. If you don't get one, more will float down the river later. While standing on something, you'll be able to simply go right up to the Big Fish and beat them in the face without much trouble.

Keep going to the right and you'll soon be joined by the King at the beginning of the Catfish level.


  • The music that plays during this level in Cat Boss is called Flooded Temple by Will Stamper.
  • There are many objects the player can use as a flotation device to navigate the waters. One of these is very similar to Magikarp from the Pokemon series, and another is a dead Thief.
  • There is a bunny running on the edge of the land where the thieves are shooting at you.
  • If you go into the water with magic queued you will keep your aura until you jump back out.
  • Saracen and Bear's tornado magic will glide above the water at a regular speed.
  • You can instantly deal with the Bats by using A, A (Turtle, Level 2 required).
  • You can also block shark fins and every single attack from the Big Fishes.

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CC Rapids Ride

CC Rapids Ride

Gray Knight in Rapids Ride