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Rammy is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Rammy is found in the Tall Grass Field level. To obtain him, the Bear Boss must be defeated first. Once the boss is defeated, Rammy will be available to pick up for you.


Primary Ability


Rammy will fly in a straight line towards an enemy and can knock down multiple enemies at once randomly, sometimes interrupting a combo. Players will gain experience when Rammy hits the enemies. He will fly in a straight line towards an enemy and can knock down multiple enemies at once.

Rammy can be a very powerful pet in Arena Mode because of the following advantages.

Rammy will:

  • Hit the knight across from the player at the start of a match, before the opponent can move, this hit can start a combo.
  • Interrupt most ground based combos, including the highly damaging, normally inescapable Red Knight's Lightning Bolt.
  • Prevent high Agility opponents from abusing the Heavy Sprint Attack to set up combos from outside your range.
  • Provide you with more combo opportunities by limiting the directions opponents can safely approach you from.


  • Rammy does not pair well with Red Knight because Red Knight's best usage comes from his Splash Attack and Rammy knocks enemies up in the air upon him ramming the enemies, preventing more damage being dealt with each Lightning Bolt.
  • When running around the Slimes found in the Pipistrello's Cave and Cyclops' Cave levels, Rammy can deal 1 damage each time he makes contact with them. This can lead to minor early game XP grinding.
  • The Troll Mother fight on Insane Mode could be easier to inexperienced players if they use Rammy. However, this only really applies to the Thieves' Forest boss fight and not the Marsh Troll Mother Insane Mode fight because an inexperienced player is more likely to die to the Skeletons or to the Beefy Skeletons Fight.
  • Rammy can perform Critical Strike, Poison, Electricity, Ice, and Fire effects depending on the respective weapon effect.



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