The Princesses are kidnapped by the Barbarians at the beginning of the game Castle Crashers Remastered. Throughout the game, the players would defeat major bosses and rescue the princesses. If they are playing in Co-Op, the players would have to duel until there was one person standing to receive a kiss from the princesses.

(Kissing all of the princesses on Xbox 360 would unlock the achievement, "Kay Eye Ess Ess" for 15g).

Red Princess

Red Princess

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The Red Princess is found in the Barbarian Boss level and rescued after defeating the Barbarian Boss. She is also known as the Red Headed Princess.

Blue Princess

Blue Princess

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The Blue Princess is found with the Frost King in the Ice Castle.

Green Princess

Green Princess

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The Green Princess is found with the Conehead Groom in Wedding Crash, and later the Cyclops in Cyclops' Fortress.

Orange Princess

Orange princess

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The Orange Princess is the last princess to be saved. After defeating the Evil Wizard and rescuing her, the heroes ride on the giant magic crystal back to the Home Castle for a celebration. Her face remains hidden through out the whole game until the final kiss, taking place in the Barracks. The veil is lifted ,and the winning knight is pushed back to find out that the princess is Tricky the Clown. A short clip plays before the game fades to white with letters saying "The End."

Note: A good way to avoid this was to trigger the Sandwich Glitch, no one likes Tricky the Clown. Unless you like Madness Combat, in which case, you may kiss the Orange princess.


  • If one uses a Sandwich before kissing a princess and waits until it says 1/3, they will be able to walk freely and the princess will still be kissing thin air. However, if the player has low agility, they might still end up kissing the princess.
  • Each princess has a matching colored knight.
  • The princesses are voiced by Kira Buckland, a well-known Newgrounds user and voice actress.[1]

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