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This is the PlayStation 3 Version of the game Castle Crashers.

The Game

The PS3 Version of Castle Crashers is a beat-em' up game where an Evil Wizard steals a large crystal and kidnaps the four princesses from the castle. He then sends an enormous army of barbarians, thieves and other enemies across the land to stop the Knights in their path. Your mission as the Knights is to travel across the land to retrieve the princesses, the crystal, and stop the Evil Wizard from destroying the land.

PS3 Version

Castle Crashers was released on PlayStation in the year 2010. The PS3 Version is far more similar to the Steam Version of the game. In the PS3 version, only Blacksmith and Pink Knight are DLC Characters, the rest that were DLC on XBLA are unlocked through Insane Mode, and Hatty Hattington is unlocked by purchasing the Can't Stop Crying Pack on the same account as Castle Crashers respectively. The PS3 Version also includes an exclusive volleyball minigame, but does not include the All You Can Quaff minigame.

Differences with any other version

Differences from the Xbox 360 version but are similar to the later versions

  • Separate Gold intake. The character you have will have their own Gold count, so there will be no more combined gold intake (100,000 gold for each character is easily possible on the Xbox 360 version, for example).
  • Introduction of the Insane Store.
  • Alien is unlocked upon the completion of the Alien Ship level.
  • Removes All You Can Quaff.
  • The Evil Wizard has more health in his 4th phase on Insane Mode.


  • In the PS3 version, the Boomerang XP Glitch has not been patched. This is the same for the Xbox 360 version.
  • This version is responsible for leading the NG Golden Sword to its nerf, the Gold Skull Mace to its buff, and the Chainsaw to its nerf on the Xbox 360 version of Castle Crashers.

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