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Piggy is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Piggy is located at the Swamp Village Store where it can be purchased for 585 gold on the Original, 290 on Remastered. Piggy is replaced with the Buffalo Mace on Insane Mode on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 versions of Remastered.


Primary Ability

"Food Boost"

Piggy multiplies the amount of health received when eating fruit/exclusive food items in Wedding Crash/exclusive food items in Lava World/exclusive food items in Snow World to 2x (20% rather than 10%), and turkey legs or hamburgers (Lava World) to 1.5x (75% rather than 50%). This is extremely useful for bosses which drop food, especially during the Insane Mode Necromancer fight. This ability does not apply to the popcorn created by the Corn Boss. Also, eating food with Piggy changes the sound to a pig-like snort.

While at the apex of its potential while fighting Necromancer, it's still very useful anywhere else, just not as much.

Pairs greatly with a Hawkster and, to a lesser extent, Monkeyface.



  • Piggy is arguably the best pet to assist the player whilst fighting the Necromancer on Insane Mode along with Snoot.
  • The slots on its nose and the fat lines on its back are meant to reference the fact he is like a piggy bank.
  • Piggy's ability does not apply to popcorn produced by the Corn Boss because it may leave out any opportunity to receive 2 health per popcorn.

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