The Peasant Arena is the fourth arena in Castle Crashers and is populated by the Snakey enemy.


The Peasant Arena is one of the game's more challenging arenas, as the enemy Snakeys can drain health quickly with their arrows. Other than the ranged enemies, the Peasant arena is more or less the same as the others: ten waves, each wave gains one more enemy than the last, and giant cats that will savagely claw at the player when they wander too close to the edge of the screen. The constant barrage of arrows can make getting in a combo difficult, so sandwiches can be useful to melee fighters thanks to the knockback resistance they grant the player. Successfully completing all ten waves of the Peasant's Arena during a single player campaign will unlock the Peasant as a playable character.

The Peasants Arena is a very hard arena because the Snakeys have very powerful attack strength. Magic would be one of the most useful attacks to use in this arena because it prevents your opponents from attacking you.

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CC Peasant Arena

CC Peasant Arena


  • The banner above the entrance to this arena reads "THIS HURTS ME MORE THAN IT HURTS YOU"
  • The Peasant Arena is the only arena where you don't unlock the enemy you fight.

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