Peasant is one of the 31 Playable Characters in the game Castle Crashers. Their magical attacks are Non-Elemental and his starting weapon is the Wooden Spoon.

Peasant's specialties include basic combo locking.

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Peasants first appear playing instruments in Barracks where the player dances until being interrupted by the slain Gray Knight in the opening sequence. Outside the castle, a couple of Peasants are seen running away from Barbarians on the Home Castle level. Next, it is assumed that the Skeletons in Lava World are resurrected Peasants that Necromancer summoned to attack the player. Later on, a couple of Peasants are seen near The Sailor and Traveling Salesman at the Dock. On the Pirate Ship level, a Peasant is seen using a Telescope, the same exact one that the player previously acquired from the Industrial Castle. On the Marsh level, multiple Peasants are seen dead while the remaining ones fight alongside the player after they've seen the player's courage in battle against Skeletons and Snakeys. Afterwards, a Peasant and a Civilian will watch the player fight the Corn Boss on the next level. Finally, after the player has killed the Evil Wizard in the Final Battle and sat through the end credits, some Peasants are seen playing instruments in the Barracks again.

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Peasants seemingly respect King with loyalty, as they help the player(s) out in battle.

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Complete the Snakey Arena.

His attack, Arrow Rain, has some nice uses to stellar of Magic in contrast with its delay

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Splash Attack

"Arrow Rain"

Element: Non-Elemental

Max Hits: 1 upgrade per level (max 7)

Damage/Hit: Base Magic Damage x 0.5

Arrows rain down from the sky in front of the character in groups of three. Each upgrade adds another set of three arrows, but each set of arrows can only hit the same enemy once per set. If maxed out and spammed, the Splash can stay out for a while, hitting any enemy that comes towards it. A total of 8 characters (including Peasant) share the same exact Splash Attack.

Magic Projectile

"Dagger Toss"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Throws a dagger as a projectile. Snakey, Civilian, and Open-Faced Gray Knight share the same looking dagger.

Air Projectile

"Dagger Toss"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Hits: {{{Hits}}}

Throws a dagger as a projectile. Snakey, Civilian, and Open-Faced Gray Knight share the same looking dagger. An advanced use of Juggling, named Spellweaving, can use this Air Projectile for flashy techniques.

Elemental Infusion

"Armor Pierce"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage^2 + Base Melee Damage^2

Use Xbox360 Button XXbox360 Button XXbox360 Button XXbox360 Button Y / PS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 Triangle to perform. This attack pierces armor, and it deals two times normal damage. That means it deals as much damage to a Barbarian or a Thief on Normal Mode as it does to a Stove Face or a Cult Minion on Insane Mode.

Magic Jump

"Dust Jump"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Leaps up with a dust effect that damages overlapping enemies.

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Start Character Unlocks Unlocks
Peasant Civilian N/A

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  • The chicken in Peasant's character portrait bears a resemblance to The Behemoth's logo, the creators of Castle Crashers.
  • Peasant is the only character in the entire game that holds an animal in his character portrait.
  • Peasant, Civilian, Open Faced Gray Knight, Stove Face, and Thief are all reskins of each other, though Stove Face and Thief use a different looking dagger.
  • Peasant, Conehead, Royal Guard, Gray Knight, Civilian, Open Faced Gray Knight, Stove Face, and Thief all use the same exact Splash Attack, which is Arrow Rain.
  • Charred remains of Peasants and Civilians can be seen in Lava World.
  • It is assumed that Peasants are resurrected as Skeletons by the Necromancer in Lava World and Marsh, respectively.
    • It is also assumed that enemy Skeletons at the beginning of Marsh are undead Peasants .
  • Peasant and Bear share the same looking Shield.
  • Peasant's character portrait background, player tag, and attack color is Red (#C8A448).
  • Peasant is the only Arena unlocked character that is never fought; Snakeys are fought in the Peasant Arena instead.
  • A dead Peasant scavenged from Cardinal in Marsh has a Fishing Rod.
  • NPC Peasants use multiple weapons: Fishing Rod, Pitchfork, and Skinny Sword.
  • The Peasants in Marsh can die, whether to Skeletons or Snakeys in either Mode.
  • On the Corn Boss level, a Peasant and a Civilian will stand still during the fight unless the player(s) lure(s) the Corn Boss to directly burrow onto the NPCs, in which they retaliate by attacking regularly and now pair with the player(s) to take out the boss or if the Corn Boss' whip attack is in range of striking both the Peasant and the Civilian, in which they, again, counteract by attacking the boss and sticking close with the player(s).
  • Peasant, along with Civilian, are the only NPCs in the entire game that help out the player(s) in fighting a boss, but that's only if they're hit by said boss.
  • Peasant, along with Civilian, and Conehead Groom, are the only characters in the entire game that use musical instruments. In this case, in Home Castle and Final Battle.

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