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The Painter is the first of the Four Final Bosses. Known to be one of the more bizarre enemies, very little is known about him other than that he works for the Evil Wizard. He also wields a paint brush to paint things. He is a tall humanoid figure with Painter-like Clothes smeared with green, pink and blue ink, a belt with a pocket, small legs, and finally a Brown Toolbox for a head, with a white hat over them. He is equipped with a Wooden(?) Brush he uses for painting enemies/minions.

The Battle

Painter will appear down from a scaffold, taunt the player and then paint an enemy on his canvas which will come to life while he goes back up on the scaffold to hide. The paintings will move toward the players in an attempt to hit them. If a painting hits the player, it will do damage to the player and cause the painting to disappear, then Painter will return to paint more enemies. As the player depletes painters health, he begins to paint 2, then 3 paintings before taking off on his scaffold again. After he reaches about one-fourth health, he will come down from his scaffold and run around the room yelling "Abort!" and "Foiled!", as lots of paintings appear on the screen. When this happens, all paintings will have only 1 HP, so attacking them with any ranged attack is advisable. A great Animal Orb to bring with you is BiPolar Bear. BiPolar Bear will attack all of the paintings, making Painter himself much easier to attack.


The Painter, instead of attacking the player directly, paints various dangerous cartoonish creatures on his painting frame. a variety of conjured paintings that will explode on contact with the player, dealing heavy damage. He spawns about 11 different drawings. There is also a possibility that the creator of the drawings will have a humorous saying behind them. There is a theory that the paintings may have been original ideas for enemies for the game. The paintings are concept sketches made by Tom Fulp.

All of the paintings will have either 300, 400, or 600 HP, and they have varying levels of defense and elemental resistances.

Here is the order of what painting the Painter summons and their mechanics:

  • Unicorn: Easiest of the paintings. Stops to do a prancing motion. Takes the appearance of a badly drawn pink unicorn with purple hair and a single horn.
  • Clown: Resilient to arrows, weak to Fire. This painting is similiar to This Clown. (WARNING: NSFW)
  • Carrot Clock: Weak to Fire. Its a giant carrot with a clock-like figure on them.
  • Red Square Bull: WIP.
  • Green Ghoul: A green humanoid figure with yellow teeth and eyes, a angry expression, and a blue(or dark) mouth. One of the most common paintings.
  • Cat: A giant orange humanoid cat that somewhat ressembles Garfield; without the stripes in fur/skin.
  • Safety scissors: WIP.
  • Blue Monster: WIP.
  • Octopus: A purple small octopus that slowly walks at you and deals you common damage.
  • Elephant: Widest hitbox of all the paintings. Takes the appearance of a Badly drawn Elephant.
  • Nose Snail: Very resilient to arrows, weak to Fire. Also very slow when coming; its moviments have constant delays. A giant humanlike nose inside a purple Gastropod Shell.

PS3 Exclusive

  • Safety Scissors: WIP.

After Defeat

Defeating Painter causes all his paintings to disappear. He will fall over and say: "It must have been something I ate...", then he will spit out lots of food (Health Potions on Insane Mode; one for each potion each player lost during the fight - when on insane mode, it is recommended to use a potion immediately after defeating him so the player can have full health and max potions at the start of the next boss) before a Boss Chest drops onto him. If there is a Unicorn painting on the screen at the moment of his defeat, it will drop the Unicorn Horn. Afterward, the player can go to the next room to destroy a giant purple crystal, which will unlock the next boss.

Gold and XP Exploit

When the XP Boomerang glitch was patched in both the older and later versions of Castle Crashers, this boss has often been used to get XP on characters by spamming the Splash Attack/Level 50 Combo each time he gets down from his scaffold. The Painter drops around 300-400 gold per defeat and, thanks to the Splash Attack/Level 50 Combo of a character hitting him multiple times, the player can get a very high amount of XP on this boss alone. After defeating him, the player can just come back from where they came into the room and repeat.

Depending on the character choice, this process obviously goes by substantially faster. The quickest way being to use the Fencer or Industrialist and spamming the Splash Attack until the Painter dies. Clocking in at about ~10 seconds to kill on Normal Mode.


  • "I'm in your castle." -Battle starts
  • "I will paint you into a corner." -When Painter comes down to paint a second time.
  • "My brush is mightier than your sword." -Entering second phase, painting 2.
  • "My art will be your demise." -Entering third phase, painting 3.
  • "Abort!" -Entering final phase, running around the battlefield.
  • "Foiled!" -Changing direction during the final phase.
  • "It must have been something I ate..." -Defeat
  • "Abobobobobobobobobobobobobort-" -Spitting out food, and then getting crushed by the chest.
  • "Achievement unlocked, you are a failure." - Unknown voiceline. Possibly unused.


Paintings (WIP)




  • If the Painter is defeated with the Unicorn painting alive, the Unicorn Horn weapon will drop.
  • Painter is filled with Newgrounds' jokes and references, such as one of his paintings being a "Carrot Clock" (TheClockCrew).
  • Out of all characters in the game, Painter has the most dialogue. The dialogue speech used is a text-to-speech voice called "Boing", which is only accessible on Mac OS X computers.
  • Sometimes a glitch can occur during the battle. This can cause the Painter to have a graphical error where he seems to be wearing a pointy hat.
  • When the chest drops on Painter, it will have his hat on the top.
  • The Music played during the Painter's battle is The Show by Waterflame, the song that The Troll Mother uses for their battle.
  • Painter might be a possible reference to Paint Roller of Kirby's Adventure, Adeline of Kirby and the Crystal Shards, or Drawcia from Kirby Canvas Curse, as they all use paintings to try to defeat their foes.
  • Painter's minions are actually concept sketches by Tom Fulp.
  • When the Painter begins to summon paintings towards the end of the fight, the paint on his brush will continue to change color according to what is summoned, despite him not actually painting any of the minions. Every time he comes down to paint the canvas, his paint brush will appear different colors.
  • His blood is made of various colors of paint (it leaks underneath the treasure chest).
  • One of the Painter's paintings may be a reference to Tricky the Clown.
  • Painter will drop some Health Potions when he's defeated in Insane Mode; one for each player lost during the fight (in other words up to 20, but for example if 4 people lose 3 potions each he'll drop 12).
  • The Painter is the only final boss not seen at some point before Wizard Castle Takeoff.
  • The Painter, Cyclops, and the Princesses are the only characters in the game that speak.
  • While Painter is spitting food at the end of the fight, he will say "Abort!" until he gets crushed by the Boss Chest.
  • The Painter can be seen as a statue in the Pit in Pit People along with the cyclops
  • This is one of only two exceptions to the x10 rule, since he has 3000 HP in normal mode but he has 15000 HP in insane mode.
  • Some of Painter's paintings resemble certain characters from cartoons. The orange cat resembles Garfield the Cat. The Unicorn resembles Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • The color of the elephant drawing has a similarity to Dr. Seuss'es Horton the Elephant. Most of them are just random drawings.
  • Painter was originally going to look like a mummy with a different outfit, but that idea was scrapped.
  • In Wizard Castle Takeoff, When the player encounters the 4 villains, Painter is seen holding the Orange Princess, but when fought, it seems she isn't where he is. It's probably because he put her in the Wizard's throne room and got ready to fight.
  • On the remastered version, if the BiPolar Bear animal orb is used, the pet won’t kill the Painter during his last phase even when he‘s below 8% health, but it will kill all paintings on the screen.
  • The Painter has a few painting of what appears to be the Orange Princess with a sword in her back.
  • Another glitch can be found where once the Painter is defeated, some random stuff can occur. From a dead bee on the ground, to Frost King's ice. It was discovered on the remastered edition and actually still not fixed.
  • The color of the Painter's paintbrush varies based on the next enemy that he will paint, with each painting having their respective colors.This visual signal can be used to predict the next painting you'll fight.


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