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The Orange Princess is one of the four princesses found throughout the game Castle Crashers.


She is captured by the Barbarians and then brought to the Wizard's Castle. She never appears to show his face until the very end of the game, where he is revealed to be Tricky the Clown. This appears to be another Newgrounds reference to an early animation by Dan Paladin on the site.

In the Painter's room, there are several pictures showing the Orange Princess dead, stabbed with a sword stuck in her back.


  • She is the last princess to be saved in the game.
  • She is the only princess to be kissed in a very different way.
  • She seems to get treated the worst out of all four princesses (such as being dragged around and tied to a pole by his head), which always involves his face being hidden.
  • In a "Dev Story," Tom Fulp reveals that, originally, an impaled painting of the princess was to fall from the rising castle. This would cause the knights to fly up into the air out of rage, only to arrive at the castle and see the real princess in the hands of the Painter.
  • At the end of the game, when the player kisses the Orange Princess, she is revealed to be a clown in disguise, who uses a similar type of magic to that of Pink Knight.
  • Her hair is a purple color, and since purple was considered only suitable for high royalty (along being considerably expensive to make), it could be that the King might value him the most out of the four princesses.


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