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Open-Faced Gray Knight is one of the 31 Playable Characters in the game Castle Crashers. Their magical attacks are Non-Elemental and their starting weapon is the Skinny Sword.

Open-Faced Gray Knight's specialties include basic juggling and combo locking.


A unique variation of Gray Knight that does not appear in Story Mode normally.


Open-Faced Gray Knight looks exactly the same as a regular Gray Knight, except Open-Faced Gray Knight's visor is lifted up. Open-Faced Gray Knight shares the same Magic setup as Thief, Peasant, Civilian, and Stove Face. Thus, making him a bland character. If you did not unlock the Skinny Sword from Gray Knight by Level Skipping, or from purchasing the Skinny Sword from Castle Keep, then you will obtain the Skinny Sword if you beat Catfish on Insane Mode.


Splash Attack

"Arrow Rain"

Element: Non-Elemental

Max Hits: 1 upgrade per level (max 7)

Damage/Hit: Base Magic Damage x 0.5

Arrows rain down from the sky to in front of the character in sets of three. Each upgrade level adds another set of three arrows. If maxed out and spammed, the Splash can stay out for a while, hitting any enemy or boss that comes towards it. Two things to watch for when using this Splash Attack is that the delay is moderately long for an enemy to slip past it unharmed on say the Scarabs in Desert and again, the delay is long enough for an enemy to get off a hit if you don't react in time. A total of 8 characters (including Open-Faced Gray Knight) share the same exact Splash Attack.

Magic Projectile


Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Throws a dagger as a Magic Projectile.

Air Projectile


Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Hits: 1

Throws a dagger as an Air Projectile. An advanced use of Juggling, named Spellweaving, can use this Air Projectile for flashy techniques.

Elemental Infusion

"Armor Pierce"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage^2 + Base Melee Damage^2

Use 360 X.png360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png / PS3 Square.pngPS3 Square.pngPS3 Square.pngPS3 Triangle.png to perform. This attack pierces armor, and it deals two times normal damage. That means it deals as much damage to a Barbarian or a Thief on Normal Mode as it does to a Stove Face or a Cult Minion on Insane Mode.

Magic Jump

"Dust Jump"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Leaps up with a dust effect that damages overlapping enemies.



Open-Faced Gray Knight's respective "Arrow Rain" Splash Attack and "Dagger" Magic Projectile and Air Projectile make him a member of the fan nicknamed "Arrow Rainers". Bland and common characters that show off nothing special at all. They are painfully below average, and are not unique, unlike the characters below them. These are the aforementioned Open-Faced Gray Knight, Thief, Stove Face, Peasant, and Civilian.

Castle Crashers

Below average character because of their splash being delayed enemies can often just slip through without getting hit. It's bad in almost every situation you use it in. The only notable use is stunning beefies in order to start juggles.


One of the worst characters for arena because of their splash being delayed it barely hits opponents, and isn’t reliable for resets.



  • Open-Faced Gray Knight has the longest name of any Castle Crashers character, having 20 letters (22 with the spaces).
  • In the code of the game and in the leaderboards, Open-Faced Gray Knight is simply referred to as Gray Knight 2.
  • On the Xbox 360, players can dress up their Avatar as the Open-Faced Gray Knight by purchasing both the helmet and tunic in the Avatar Store.

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