The Necromancer's Room is a sublevel of Wizard Castle Interior, and the third boss room on that level. On Insane Mode, the Necromancer fight is proven to be the hardest boss fight in the game besides the Conehead Groom boss fight found in the Wedding Crash level.


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When you walk inside the Necromancer's Room you will find the floor covered with dead bodies. As you advance forward the Necromancer will arrive in the air and revive some of the dead bodies. In the first wave you will have to fight these enemies:

  1. Barbarian
  2. Thief
  3. Bear
  4. Conehead
  5. Fencer
  6. Fire Demon
  7. Ninja

After you defeat them the Necromancer will revive a second wave of enemies. The enemies are as follows:

  1. Saracen
  2. Royal Guard
  3. Alien
  4. Beefy Bear
  5. Snakey
  6. Fire Demon
  7. Iceskimo
  8. Beefy Barbarian
  9. Beefy Brute
  10. Conehead
  11. Fencer

After you defeat this second wave the Necromancer will come down from the air to fight you himself. Once he dies, the player(s) can then advance to the Final Battle level.


  • Evil Sword - Guaranteed to drop after the Necromancer is killed. Will drop from the air after the Necromancer offscreens himself.

Animal Orbs

There are no animal orbs to be found on this sublevel.


Simple Sight (Instrumental)
Creepy Frog


  • The Necromancer's weight class is a combination of a lightweight and mediumweight.


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