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Monkeyface is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Monkeyface is located at the Church Store where he can be purchased for 750 gold on the Original, or 325 on Remastered. It is replaced with Golden Whale in the store on Insane Mode.


Primary Ability


Monkeyface will help you increase the chance of an enemy dropping their weapon, or items such as food or gold.

Pairs well with Piggy and Hawkster because of this.

Drop chances

  • Weapon: Increased from 1/120 (0.83%) to 1/80 (1.25%)
  • Gem/Food: Increased from 1/6 (16.67%) to 1/2 (50%)


  • Use Monkeyface to gather any rare, drop dependent weapons early on before unlocking the respective character who has said rare weapon and to drop food items quicker.
  • On average Monkeyface will grant more health from food drops than Piggy throughout an entire level, this may vary depending on the amount of guaranteed food in the level
  • Monkeyface is useless during the Necromancer fight due to enemies dropping guaranteed fruit



  • Monkeyface holds the distinction as the only Animal Orb to be replaced by another Animal Orb on Insane Mode, but this only applies to the remastered versions of Castle Crashers.

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