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  • Hi Meowtactics50, welcome to Castle Crashers Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Owl page!

    Here are some tips to help you get to the people here and fit in with the community:

    • Remember to update your User page when you get the chance. This helps others learn more about who you are.
    • You can visit the wiki Chat to get to know some of the users here, talk about Castle Crashers, and more!
    • See our Forums to keep up with the latest things happening on the wiki.
    • Check out this page if you aren't sure what to edit or how it works.
    • Want to write a DLC blog? Go to your blog tab, then press create a blog post. Write whatever you want about your DLC character/weapon/animal orb/pack! Remember to type {{DLC}} in source mode at the top of the page!
    • If you are experiencing any coding errors, please contact U-Knighted. He will get it resolved as fast as possible!
    • Need some help? Contact one of our Admins or Bureaucrats if you have any questions.

    Please leave me a message on my wall if I can help with anything!

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