Magic is one of the four main attributes a character can upgrade in Castle Crashers. Although it may have limited power and usages at earlier levels, it can be devastating to later ones. This attribute is one of the main factors which can distinguish one character from the rest, some characters share magic and some even share all of the same magic cast.

As with other attributes, some weapons and animal orbs can increase the Magic attribute level beyond 25 points. Also, "splash attacks" can hit larger enemies and bosses multiple times because they can either sustain multiple hits before being knocked down or simply just can't be knocked down so they have to sustain all damage dealt with a splash attack, which maximizes how quickly such enemies die.

Magical Attacks

Magic attack

The Brute, the Barbarian and the Stove Face are three non-elemental characters


Magic as shown in the Magic section of How to Play.

Magic is used to perform non-standard attacks. Elemental magics are specialized and more useful on some targets than others. Non-Elemental magic is general-purpose and will be equally effective on almost every type of enemy. The combos are listed below.

NOTE: Since your character will always have 1 Skill Point filled for Magic, the Skill Point or Magic Level requirement for the other combos will be listed normally plus the actual cost in game.

Splash Attack

To Perform: 360 RT+360 Y / PS3 R2+PS3 Triangle/Keyboard White E Keyboard White W/

Effect: The Splash Attack deals damage to multiple enemies. As the Magic attribute gets upgraded, more damage and range can be attained. Opponents can't block most splash attacks with their shields.

Magic Level Requirement: 1 Skill Point (Already implemented in the moment you start a new game with any and every character)

Magic Projectile

To Perform: 360 RT+360 B / PS3 R2+PS3 Circle/

Effect: Magic attack that focuses on a single enemy, but has higher damage than the Splash Attack. Its damage increases with the character's Magic level. This attack can be blocked by shields. Can also be used in the air, with some kickback.

Magic Level Requirement: 5 Skill Points (Actual amount of Skill Points into Magic needed: 4 Skill Points)

Air Projectile

To Perform: 360 A+360 RT+360 Y / PS3 Cross+PS3 R2+PS3 Triangle/

Effect: A basic mid-air magical attack with a slanted angle of 45° (22 characters total have this trait) or 60° (5 characters total have this trait) with 4 exceptions. Damage increases with Magic level.

Magic Level Requirement: 10 Skill Points (Actual amount of Skill Points into Magic needed: 9 Skill Points)

Elemental Infusion

To Perform: 360 X360 X360 X360 Y / PS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 Triangle / Keyboard White A Keyboard White A Keyboard White A Keyboard White W/

Effect: Melee attack imbued with the power of your character's element. Damage is determined by the character's Strength and Magic levels.

Magic Level Requirement: 15 Skill Points (Actual amount of Skill Points into Magic needed: 14 Skill Points)

Elemental Infusion (Level 2)

To Perform: 360 X360 X360 X360 Y360 Y / PS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 TrianglePS3 Triangle/

Effect: Elemental Infusion with an extra attack at the end.

Magic Level Requirement: 15 Skill Points (Actual amount of Skill Points into Magic needed: 14 Skill Points)

Character Level Requirement: 50

Magic Jump

To Perform: 360 RT+360 A / PS3 R2+PS3 Cross/

Effect: Lets you perform a magic-assisted jump, allowing you to jump higher and damage any enemies standing under you.

Magic Level Requirement: 20 Skill Points (Actual amount of Skill Points into Magic needed: 19 Skill Points)

Types of Magic

Elemental Magic

Each elemental magic has its own special effect:

  • Fire: Burns a target, inflicting steady fire damage over a short time.
  • Ice: Freezes the target, immobilizing them for a short time.
  • Electricity: Shocks a target, stunning them for a short time.
  • Poison: Poisons a target, causing it to suffer steady poison damage over a short time.
Note: Certain enemies are weak or strong against certain elements, or take more or less damage from certain types of elemental attacks. The use of elemental magic is usually reserved for the four starting knights (Green, Red, Blue and Orange Knights). However, a few other characters can also use elemental magic, or a hybrid of elemental and non-elemental. Cult Minions are immune to all elemental magics and take 1 damage with no effect or knockback.

Non-Elemental Magic

Non-elemental magic is generally not resisted by enemies and has no particular strength against some of them. However, some non-elemental magic attacks have special properties, such as King being able to heal himself or Pink Knight stunlocking enemies.

Refer to the following list to see which type of magic each character is included in:

Magic-Oriented Weapons and Pets


The following grant a magic bonus (upgrade level):

The following weapons grant a magic bonus (upgrade level) with Zebra or Cardinal:

Animal Orbs


  • According to recent times, the range plus the delay time plus the time of the Splash Attack is king in Castle Crashers and Arena. Thus, characters that fulfill this criteria, plus fulfill a major role, constitute as the best characters in the game.

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