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A Red Knight that's Level 256.

Level 256 is an infamous level that has been achieved by a number of players by exploiting the game. Players who are at this level can take no more than 1 damage per hit, and can hit well into the thousands. Players who play with a player who has the Level 256 glitch run the risk of getting their data erased and replaced with that of the Level 256's data. Players who do play with these characters will experience large amounts of lag and other performance losses. Using this glitch may also cause your Xbox Live account to be banned.

This glitch was eventually patched and all Level 256 players have been set to Level 99 and had their stats reset, meaning they'll have to put points back in. Level 256 is now impossible to obtain unless you hack your Xbox 360. If you do decide to use this exploit, It is recommended that you do it on the Steam edition of Castle Crashers.


  • One hit kills on any enemy.
  • 1 damage to all attacks taken.
  • Heavy Dash experience glitch for other players.


  • Most likely to be kicked from games.
  • Possible ban from Xbox Live.
  • Corruption.


  • Level 256 users can greatly increase their statistics by using the Glitch Sword and various animal orbs.
    • If a Level 256 user were to use the Glitch Sword and Snailburt, the maximum amount of Health possible would be 8,817.
    • The same can apply to the other three attributes; With the Glitch Sword and Burly Bear in the original version of Castle Crashers, or Snoot in PC and Remastered, the maximum amount of melee damage possible is at the very least 287-288. Further modding can max your Strength to 999.
    • With the Glitch Sword and Beholder, the maximum Magic damage (based off of a Non-Elemental's Elemental Infusion) is 156,800. Splash and Projectile magic will vary based on a character's element.
    • With the Glitch Sword and Meowburt, the maximum amount of Agility possible is 284 (for arrow damage). However, this does increase the arrow speed by a tremendous amount, making it difficult to arrow spam at close range.