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The King's Arena is the first arena in the game Castle Crashers and is populated by the Barbarian enemy.


Cats on either side of the arena will scratch you if you dare to come too close. You can, however, hug the screen on the top or bottom and get away without getting hit. A good strategy is to hug the bottom-right wall and just shield against attacks and use 360 RT.png + 360 Y.png magic on incoming Barbarians. This makes the arena much easier. Successfully completing all ten waves of enemies in the King's Arena during a Solo Story game will unlock the Barbarian as a playable character.

Co-Op Version

During a 2, 3, or 4 player PVP match here, a Horse will appear in the arena for a player to ride.


  • The Barbarians found on this level have increased weight. Therefore, the lightweight juggle is a bit harder to do on them.
  • A single player has to go up against a total of 55 Barbarians to complete the arena.


The race around the world (Edit)
Character unlocked


  • The banner above the entrance to this arena reads "THAT'S THE LAST TURD OUT OF YOU."
  • This is the only arena where the King and Gray Knights are seen.

Theres a creature to the left of kings arena on the map that says HELLOZ, it also looks like the chainsaw vendor in the insane store

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