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Juggling is the utilization of aerial melee attacks to combo enemies without touching the ground. If you have no points put into strength, it's invaluable for boosting Experience. It is given that you begin all combos listed below by jumping.

Juggling Combos

  • Lightweight

360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png The most commonly used juggle and also an infinite one, the lightweight juggle is easy to learn but takes practice to master. When in the juggle, make sure to move forward while pressing 360 X.png and hover while pressing 360 Y.png. If you plan on reversing the direction the juggle is moving in to pick up more enemies, do so after completing a full sequence of juggling. If you find yourself rising or lowering during the juggle, simply adjust your input speed accordingly.

  • Middleweight

360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png , 360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png , 360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png , 360 X.png360 Y.png , 360 X.png360 Y.png , 360 X.png360 Y.png The middleweight juggle has many variations, but this is the easiest version that also provides the maximum amount of hits. 360 X.png360 Y.png360 X.png360 A.png Can be used to salvage a juggle mid-way if a mistake was made.

  • Heavyweight

360 Y.png360 Y.png360 X.png360 X.png One of the harder juggles to learn, the heavyweight juggle requires a lot of practice and precise timing to get right. After jumping, start the juggle sequence a split-second before you would hit the ground. Some people prefer to use 360 A.png360 A.png to start the combo instead of a singular jump.

  • Lightweight Beefy

360 X.png360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png360 X.png360 A.png , 360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png360 Y.png An infinite juggle, use the first section to get the beefy off the ground and activate slowfall, and then repeat the second section until they die.

Levitation Combos

  • Fly

360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png A simple flying combo, fast paced repetition is needed to stay in the air. Go too fast however, and you'll hit the top of the screen and fall to the ground.

  • Fly (W/ Slowfall)

360 A.png360 A.png360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png A flying combo with slowfall, start the 360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png before the 360 A.png360 A.png animation has finished. You can also start the combo with 360 RT.png360 A.png360 A.png if you have magic jump unlocked. It will give you more time to start the 360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png sequence so it can be good for beginners.

Juggling in PvP

Weight and Combo Categories

There are different weight groups for enemies, and some are more or less common than others.

  • Light: The most common weight group; Barbarians and Thieves are examples of light enemies, but the full list is rather long.
  • Light-Medium: The second most uncommon group; only the enemies in King's Arena, Thieves' Arena, Volcano Arena, and Icy Arena employ this category of weight. They are lightweight but have increased weight making you have to be lower to the ground to lightweight juggle them.
  • Necromancer: The weight group exclusive to the enemy Necromancer. Can be infinitely juggled, but it is recommended to use mediumweight juggles when juggling.
  • Medium: The second most common group; Fire Demons, Snakeys, Cult Minions, NPC Gray Knights, Civilians, Peasants, King, and players are in this category. Oddly enough, this is one of three weight groups that can't be juggled infinitely.
  • Medium-Heavy: The most rare weight group of all; only the Snakeys in Peasant Arena are in this category. They are mediumweight with increased weight making it so they can’t be juggled as much as regular mediumweights.
  • Heavy: The third most common group; only certain Coneheads, Conehead Groom, Royal Guards, and Brutes are in this category. Similarly to Light enemies, Heavy enemies can be infinitely juggled, but precise timing and positioning is required.
  • Heavy-Medium: Only Stove Faces reside in this category. They are the same as heavyweights, except they also have the properties of a mediumweight, where they gain extra weight over time when in the air. It is worth noting that Stovefaces will be lighter when hit with elemental attacks, unlike when they get hit with physical attacks.

Juggling Practice Spots