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Install Ball is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Install Ball is located in Alien Ship. After the Alien Prisoner smashes the controls to begin the countdown, blow up the energy beam beacon and go up to the top of the screen. There should be a fairly hard to see doorway which leads to a tiny room where Install Ball can be found. If the player doesn't make it out of the ship in time, Install Ball will still be collected.


Primary Ability

"Photon Shot"

Attacks enemies by shooting them with photons (lasers). It does next to no damage (about 6 damage) and it adds to the enemy's hit counter in a combo. However, it can at least shoot enemies in the air for full damage.



  • Install Ball is the only Animal Orb to not float around with your character, but rather bounces around following you. This could be an homage to Alien Hominid, as the Install Ball bounces alongside the Hominid in the final level of the game.
  • Install Ball is the eye of the first boss character in the game Alien Hominid in Stage 1-1. When the boss is defeated, his eye remains on the boardwalk crying. He is also the penultimate boss for said game, taking on the Alien Hominid in a much larger and tougher robot and failing a second time, but after being petted by the Hominid, it quickly befriends the yellow protagonist and follows him briefly through Stage 3-5.
  • Using this pet is not advised as most of the time the photons will miss or interrupt combos or juggles, along with doing pitiful amounts of damage.
  • Another name to the Install Ball, given by Dan Paladin, is the Alien Eye.
  • Install Ball is 1 of the 4 Animal Orbs that came from another The Behemoth title along with the Chicken, Yeti, and Golden Whale.

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