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You've got an honest face.
— Insane Storekeeper, Castle Crashers Remastered

The Insane Store is a store in the game Castle Crashers exclusive to the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch versions, unlocked after completing the Final Battle level, along with Insane Mode.

The Insane Store is accessed by unlocking Insane Mode, going to the Barbarian Boss on the map and going down (or alternatively, going down from the home castle level).

Shop Description

The Insane Store is the largest store in the game, selling as many items as the Snow Store and being physically larger than any other store. This store is unique in its lack of consumable items and the expensiveness of its wares. The store sells three weapons and two animal orbs.

Items Sold

The Insane Store sells five items, however it could sell up to six if playing on the Xbox One, or Switch version of the game:

Vendor Quotes

Insane Shopkeeper

  • Welcome, stranger!
  • Greetings, traveler!
  • Got some GOOD things on sale
  • Nice halloween costume!

Tiki Statue

  • My love is real, but I am not.
  • I've got nothing to say.
  • I have a deep soul.
  • You've got an honest face.
  • I wish I could move.



Spanish Waltz


  • The music that plays in the store is Spanish Waltz by Urbanus.
  • The Insane Store, the Church Store, and the Snow Store are the only stores in the game that sell more than one weapon.
  • Even though no Health Potions are sold in the store, there's a Health Potion on the shopkeeper's desk.
  • In the remastered update, prices for items were reduced drastically. 
  • The shopkeeper in front of Hatty Hattington's shrine is the raccoon from BattleBlock Theater.
  • The giant tiki statue is the same one found in Lava World.
    The creature selling the chainsaw looks a lot like the creature to the left of the kings arena