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The Imps are enemies found in the Thieves' Forest, Cyclops' Cave, and Marsh levels.


Imps are little gremlin-like monsters who steal sacks of gold off of the field. However, they won't attack the player in any way. If they manage to get a hold of a gold sack, hitting them with a heavy attack is the best way to dislodge it and reclaim your loot. However, if they carry it off the screen, the player loses out on 5 gold pieces.


  • If an Imp is knocked down and then is allowed to recover, he will become invincible to further melee attacks. This is most evident if the player brings Hawkster into the fight. He will continuously attack the Imp but won't be able to deal any more damage.
  • They will only go after sacks of gold. They will not try to steal any other types of loot, like coins, gems or statuettes.
  • Immediately after grabbing a sack of gold, they will point and laugh at the player. You can take this opportunity to attack them.
  • If an Imp is heading toward a particular sack of gold and you grab it first, the Imp will stop and growl at you in anger before trying to run away.
  • Imps cannot be thrown, only stomped. An Imp is considered to be a "knocked down" enemy by the game. Taking this fact into consideration, Hawkster will attack them as soon as he detects one.
  • When defeated, Imps will explode in a green cloud of gas. This cloud is not dangerous in any way, even if it looks like it could inflict Poison status.


  • Imps don't appear to have eyes. Their most distinguishable facsimiles are their mouths filled with fangs, which makes them look as if they have a constant grin. Their clothes consist of a single piece of cloth wrapped around their bellies with a rope.
  • The overall behavior of the Imps may be related to the thieves from the game Golden Axe (Sega, 1989). In that game (and some of its sequels) the thieves would invade the camps where the heroes rest after completing a level, and rob them from their magic potions while laughing at them. Likewise, the heroes would find various thieves in the middle of a level, and they could be attacked to make them drop magic potions or health restoring items.
  • Only one Imp appears in Marsh after killing one of the Snakeys that you encounter.

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