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Hawkster is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Located in the Tall Grass Field level, Hawkster requires the Horn to obtain. After fighting the first group of enemies, look for the mud hut with a "horn" sign in front of it. Use it close by to make Hawkster emerge from it. The hut is right before the Bear Boss fight.


Primary Ability


Hawkster will attack enemies by pecking them as soon as they're knocked down. The attack does 1 damage each time, and it'll peck 1-4 times before the enemy stands up again.

Secondary Ability

"Fruit Pickup"

This effect, while it's not the main ability, is Hawkster's main use. Hawkster will float over to a dead enemy and proceed to harvest a piece of fruit from them. Hawkster only generates fruit, and not any other type of food. In fact with Hawkster, it is easier to complete levels without a Health Potion (bar the Insane Mode Necromancer fight)

Note that if the enemy dies from something that doesn't knock it over such as dying on contact from a sword or something similar, then Hawkster won't grab food.

If the enemy dies in these ways, then Hawkster will collect food:

  • Beheading.

  • Losing all HP after being knocked into the air.

  • Being dropped from a juggle.

  • Dying from fall damage.

  • Dying from a lava geyser in Lava World.

  • Dying from any magic attack besides XXXY (XXXYY isn't considered the same as XXXY since the enemy is knocked over by it).

  • Dying after being thrown.

If the enemy dies in these ways, then Hawkster won't collect food:

  • Overkill from an XXXY combo.

  • Overkill from any melee attack that doesn't sever the head or knock the enemy in the air, or in layman's terms, the enemy after suffering fatal damage, immediately collapses to the floor on their back.

  • Any enemy with a custom death animation.


  • Hawkster can pick up multiple fruit from a single enemy if the game thinks they are "on the ground" for longer than usual, and the player picks up the fruit so Hawkster can generate more food. The most common example of this happening is when an enemy jumps or rolls off of the ground after they reach 0 HP, allowing Hawkster to generate multiple pieces of fruit before the enemy drops dead on the ground.
    • This can be exploited on most enemies to generate an infinite supply of fruit with a precise setup.[1]
  • Piggy synergizes well with Hawkster, as the owner of Piggy can consistently gain 20% of their health back from the guaranteed fruit drops that Hawkster generates.
  • Hawkster's Peck has a chance to do critical/elemental effects if the pet owner is holding a Weapon that has the ability to do so.
  • Hawkster will pursue Imps after they've been knocked down once until the Imp despawns or is killed.



  • Hawkster is considered to be a better alternative for farming for new players, as it can be obtained somewhat early in the game (assuming the player has the Horn) and has the ability to deal only 1 point of damage repeatedly, which is the lowest amount of damage possible, which means more attacks per enemy and thus more XP.
  • Hawkster is generally considered to be one of the most useful Animal Orbs for Insane Mode among other good options such as the Piggy, Snoot, BiPolar Bear, and Meowburt Animal Orbs.
  • Hawkster makes an amazing alternative for health potions if the player doesn't have any.
  • Hawkster will not pick up fruit depending on how an enemy dies.
  • Other players and Thieves can steal the fruit Hawkster retrieves. 
  • Hawkster is one of the two pets obtained from blowing the horn, the other being BiPolar Bear.
  • The food that Hawkster carries will never expire, so it is recommended to save the food until it is really needed.
  • Hawkster's name comes from the Hawk, a group of medium sized birds of prey which belong in the family Accipitridae, and -ster, which is a suffix used to describe someone with a quality or in an activity, in this case being a hawk.
  • Hawkster bears a resemblance to the Harris's Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) as it is brown with dark eyes, yellow talons, and a yellow curved beak.

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