Gray Knight is an NPC Ally and also one of the 31 Playable Characters in the game Castle Crashers Remastered. His magical attacks are Non-Elemental and Fire. His starting weapon is the Skinny Sword.

Gray Knight's specialties include damage over time, extreme knockback, demolition, basic juggling, and combo locking.

Background & Involvement Edit

Gray Knights are first seen drinking ale in the Barracks in the Home Castle level. A wounded Gray Knight is seen kicked from the door that leads into the Evil Wizard introduction scene. The aforementioned Knight dies, so the other Gray Knights go attempt to kill the Evil Wizard, which they fail and also die. A Gray Knight is seen fighting off against some Barbarians in the Castle Keep level. More Gray Knights are seen in the background and in the route that the player(s) go through, many of which die attempting to kill the Barbarians in the Barbarian War level. Gray Knights reappear during the Catfish level on a boat that the King uses to assist the players against the Catfish, in which they use bombs to stun the boss. A couple of Gray Knights are seen fixing cannons and tents with wrenches and hammers near the King in the Tall Grass Field level. After defeating Pipistrello in the Pipistrello's Cave level, Gray Knights are seen next to the King who is on a Horse; also, they will attempt to take some Gold that the player(s) can collect. After getting out of the cave, Gray Knights are seen assisting the player(s) in storming the castle where the Green Princess is being held and they also help the player(s) fight against Bees, Killer Beekeepers, and Coneheads. Once the player(s) have entered the interior of the castle in the Wedding Crash level, the player(s) jump through the window, and Gray Knights are seen falling onto the floor, killing them instantly. Gray Knights reappear supposedly as Skeletons in multiple levels, but are only confirmed in Wizard Castle Interior, where the Necromancer brings them back to life in a room filled with corpses, enemies and allies. Instead, the Gray Knights fight against you, not with you when this happens the Necromancer resurrects them in the Lava World and Marsh levels where they fight the player(s) instead of assisting them. Gray Knights are finally seen in the Barracks again after the player(s) have successfully killed the Evil Wizard in the Final Battle level, where they again, drink alcohol but also some look at a Thief that is shooting his Bow and Arrow at an Evil Wizard poster pasted onto a target who impresses the Blue Princess and makes a Gray Knight nervous as the Thief shoots near another Gray Knight's head.

Gray Knights are absolutely loyal to the King, as they are the bulk of his army, they protect him as well, and help the player(s) in multiple levels.

Magic Edit

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Magic Projectile


Element: Fire

Damage: Base Magic Damage + Fire DoT (Base Magic Damage x 0.3)

Bombs can be used to damage enemies and open hidden areas. If there is a crack in the wall, a bomb can be used on it. If the crack gets bigger, bombing it one or more times will reveal some sort of secret. They can also be used as a projectile fire attack that will damage enemies with fire gradually and can send them flying. Royal Guard and Conehead also use this as a projectile magic. Magic bombs can be used to break cracked walls. They're also the only magic projectile in the game that can hit more than one enemy. They have an explosion radius that will send enemies flying if they're in the perimeter of the explosion's effective range but aren't hit by the actual bomb when it explodes. It's considered fire, so it has one hit of fire damage over time. Almost half of the enemies in the game are weak to it as well. When used in the air, it falls at a 60° angle rather than 45° like most projectiles, which only makes it more effective because it will hit enemies that stand close to you, where you can't hit them with projectiles at magic jump height. With magic bombs, those enemies will be no big deal at all, and that makes combining levitation and magic projectile spam very useful for soloing Insane Mode without taking damage. Gray Knight, as well as Red Knight, have the most ineffective Elemental Infusion combo in the game, which separates the Gray Knight from Royal Guard and Conehead.

Elemental Infusion

"Magic Enhanced Hit"

Element: Default

Damage: Base Magic Damage + Base Melee Damage

Use Xbox360 Button XXbox360 Button XXbox360 Button XXbox360 Button Y / PS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 Triangle to perform. This attack is the most basic of XXXY combos. It has no effects at all, and would be tied with Red Knight's for being the weakest Elemental Infusion in the game, if it weren't for the fact that Gray Knight's Elemental Infusion still works on Cult Minions.

Magic Jump

"Dust Jump"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Leaps up with a dust effect that damages overlapped enemies.

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Start Character Unlocks Unlocks
Gray Knight Stove Face N/A

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