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A Health Potion and some Gold as shown in the Gold and Items section of How to Play.

Gold is used to buy items from Stores. Players can earn gold via drops from defeated enemies, falling drops from boss chests, and by breaking interactive scenery.

All gold types are listed below, from least valuable to most valuable.

Picture Name Value Drop Chance Drop Chance (Monkeyface)
Coin.png Coin 1 gold 74.55% 44.95%
Golden whale cube.png Gold Cube 1 gold N/A N/A
Barracks Coin.png Barracks Coin 1 gold N/A N/A
Gold sack.png Moneybag 5 gold 2.07% 6.17%
Square Blue Gem.png Blue Square Gem 6 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Square Red Gem.png Red Square Gem 7 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Square Yellow Gem.png Yellow Square Gem 8 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Square Green Gem.png Green Square Gem 9 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Square Purple Gem.png Purple Square Gem 10 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Bluediamond.png Blue Gemstone 11 gold 0.17% 0.51%
GemRed2.png Red Gemstone 12 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Yellowdiamond.png Yellow Gemstone 13 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Diamond Green Gem.png Green Gemstone 14 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Purplediamond.png Purple Gemstone 15 gold 0.17% 0.51%
Gold idol.png Award 16 gold 0.17% 0.51%


  • The Monkeyface Animal Orb will increase the chances of higher value gold items dropping from enemies.
  • The Golden Whale Animal Orb gives a 1/5 chance for a coin drop to be replaced with a gem, from both enemies and boss chests.
  • Gold cubes are slowly dropped by the Golden Whale Animal Orb.
  • 3 Barracks coins are present in Barracks, and they do not appear anywhere else in the game.
  • Imps will try to steal moneybags and run offscreen.