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Giraffey is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Giraffey is found during the Desert level through use of the Shovel. Giraffey is buried in an "X" at the final wave of Scarabs and Royal Guards where the insides of a pyramid are exposed and later covered up by an Alien Ship in the background.


Primary Ability

"XP Boost"

Giraffey allows your character to gain XP faster (multiplied 1.1x), such being that every ten hits will count as eleven. This pet is somewhat useful for leveling up, though it's marginal benefit of only 0.1 extra XP per hit makes it usefulness questionable, especially compared to other offensive, beneficial pets. Still, the extra XP gain is proven to be useful if done right.


  • If bringing in another pet to the Desert level while digging up Giraffey, there is a little Magic exploit to where the mana bar will not be exhausted at all. In order to do this, bring the two pets as close to each other as possible, so that the player will bud up against the two pets. This usage can vary, but finds its most efficient use in the character Red Knight as he has terrible mana regeneration with his Splash Attack. This is primarily used to quickly kill the Royal Guards as fast as possible in the final wave of enemies.
  • Giraffey's 10%XP boost really adds up over time, using him makes leveling up much easier.



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