Frogglet is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


Frogglet can be found in the Marsh level. In front of the third crypt (the open one) you'll find an "X" marked on the ground. Dig there to find him.


Primary Ability

"Tongue Delivery"

Frogglet grabs nearby items with its tongue. These items include: food, all sorts of monetary objects, and weapons. It could prove very useful while in the middle of a hard fight with many enemies, when you can't stop fighting just to get the food (Insane Mode, for example).


How to get Frogglet.


  • Frogglet is a smaller version of the Weapons Frog located at the Blacksmith.
  • The Blacksmith uses Frogglet as his magic splash attack.
  • Thieves can intercept money and food that Frogglet brings you.
  • Frogglet is one of the 4 Animal Orbs you dig up.
  • Frogglet is a D Rank pet (D+).
  • Although Frogglet does not come in the Blacksmith DLC, he fits very well as an animal orb for the Blacksmith character.

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