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The photos above are animal orbs with food-related functions.

Food is an item that can restore the player's health meter. They can be found throughout the game by destroying objects such as grass or statues, by opening chests, or by defeating enemies, among other methods. The amount of life gained from a food item is affected by the character's total amount of HP and by the level of the Defense stat.

Food is also the main game mechanic of All You Can Quaff, a side mode centered around speed eating.

How to Obtain

Food can be found in a variety of places throughout the Kingdom:

  • Enemies sometimes drop food when killed.
  • Food can appear by destroying breakable objects (e.g. mushrooms, chests). These objects are scripted and will always spawn a particular food item when destroyed.
  • Food can sometimes be found by cutting sections of grass with your weapon.
  • Owlet can retrieve food from trees.
  • Hawkster can retrieve food from fallen enemies.
  • Zebra can find food in grassy areas.
  • The Painter will spit out several pieces of food after being defeated in Normal Mode (he will spit Health Potions too on Insane Mode).

Additional Information

Image Name Health Restored Location
Corn 1 HP Corn Boss
Red Apple.png
Red Apple 10% Any level
Green Apple.png
Green Apple 10%
Banana 10%
Pear 10%
Cherries 10%
Turkey Leg 50%
Ice Cream.png
Ice Cream Cone 10% Wedding Crash
Chocolate Cake.png
Chocolate Cake 10%
Whipped Cream Cake.png
Whipped Cream Cake 10%
Chocolate Chip Cookie 10%
French Fries 10% Lava World
Deviled Egg 10%
Blueberry 10%
Arby's Meat Mountain 50%
Green Candy.png
Round Striped Candy 10% Snow World
Red Candy.png
Rectangular Striped Candy 10%
Cactus N/A Exclusive to All You Can Quaff
Sand N/A Rarely Appears in All You Can Quaff (No footage found, may be unused)
Ice Cream N/A Rarely Appears in All You Can Quaff
Octopus N/A
French Fries N/A
Peas N/A
Fish 50% Unused, image found in game files.


  • Using the Piggy animal orb will double the amount of health regained from each piece of food consumed, except for popcorn. Turkey Legs will instead give 80% health, and the Hamburger along with the unused Fish will give 75% health.
  • CPU Thieves can pick up food by walking over it.
  • The popcorn food type can come in one of three varieties, all pictured above. They are all functionally the same, and spin around in the air when knocked out of the boss before landing.
  • There are several unique foods that will rarely appear in the side mode All You Can Quaff
  • According to Dan Paladin, the brown puddle of food from All You Can Quaff doesn't have an official name, and that it was either intended to be pudding or gravy.