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Fish Men are guards of the Flooded Temple and Medusa's Lair. A couple of petrified Fish Men can also be seen in Medusa's Lair.


Fish Men are one of the few non-playable enemies, and they only make an appearance for two levels. It is possible that they are related to the Big Fish.


Unlike beefy characters; they can't be knocked down. Instead, they act more like Scarabs. Using Splash Attacks that hit multiple times is a good strategy. The most efficient way to kill the Fish Men is to use the 360 X.png360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png360 Y.png combo, but you miss the first 360 X.png by either getting the first hit on them while they're still in the air, or by attacking in the opposite direction of them then switching back to finish the rest of the combo. Keep in mind that if you don't miss the first hit, then they will eventually always hit you back because you reached their hit counter. Fencer and Industrialist's splash attack is especially useful against Fish Men, since normally they'll jump after being hit about 4 times, but sawblades hit so rapidly that they can get hit from 5 to at least 10 times before jumping. Throwing in a couple of juggle combos is also a safe bet. Another good way of killing them is Fire Demon's Splash Attack. When fully upgraded, said attack can deal 53 damage per hit 4 times in a row, for a total of 212 damage, which is the same amount as a non-elemental 360 X.png360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png combo at the same level using the Snakey Staff; otherwise, the non-elemental 360 X.png360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png combo is the single most powerful attack in terms of raw damage output. With the same setup, a Fireball will do 105 damage, or 420 after 4 hits.

Fish Men have three moves: blowing bubbles, which does about five damage; a standard spear stab, which does about 30 to 40 damage; and a diving stab, which does about 43 damage. Fish Men also tend to jump after being hit 5 or so times, you can't damage them while they are jumping. When fighting Fish Men in groups, if one of them is the last enemy alive, he will use the diving stab attack until he is dead. Thus, it is best to kill these off first, if possible.


  • Upon being defeated, Fish Men turn into a fish fillet, complete with a slice of lemon and a napkin. Their sail turns into a napkin, their eyes turn into lemons, and the spear they hold stabs the

    Fish Man Fillet.

     fillet in the center.
  • Fish Men are not known to drop any food, items, or gold.
  • The Fish Men's bubble attack will produce a poison animation but not a poison effect.
  • A Fish Man will only attack with a Diving Stab if it is the last enemy on screen.
  • Fish Men wield a Broad Spear similar in appearance to the one Orange Knight wields in the start-up movie.
  • One of the petrified Fish Men drops the Broad Spear.
    • Another petrified Fish Man always drops a Turkey Leg, which is very helpful for Insane Mode.


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