Fencer is an enemy and also one of 31 Playable Characters in the game Castle Crashers. His magical attacks are Non-Elemental and his starting weapon is Fencer's Foil.

Fencer's specialties include ultimate boss slaying, combo locking, basic juggling, and knockback crowd control.



Fencers are first seen carrying Orange Princess for the Industrial Prince, as he's offered a deal with a Beefy Thief for taking said princess for his keeping. Next, multiple Fencers are seen paired up with Industrialists and a Beefy Brute that are all defending the Industrial Prince from the player(s) in the Industrial Castle level. Finally, Fencers are resurrected by the Necromancer in the Necromancer's Room in the Wizard Castle Interior level.


Fencers are loyal to the Industrial Prince, as they are the bulk of his army and defend him from the invading player(s).


Being true to their name, Fencers have fencing gear on the head and body. Fencers, like Industrialists, have buzzsaw technology.


Splash Attack

"Saw Trap"

Element: Non-Elemental

Max Hits: 4 per upgrade level (max 28)

Damage/Hit: Base Magic Damage x 0.4 

Use 360 RT.png(Hold)360 Y.png to perform. A large buzzsaw blade moves across the ground. Each upgrade adds an extra buzzsaw, up to 7 total. Unlike other Splash spells, the first version has full range, and each upgrade adds an extra blade but not extra distance. Each blade can do 4 hits on enemies that aren't knocked over, unlike the typical Splash spell that does 1 hit per upgrade level.

Each buzzsaw spawns at a random size and distance from you, and some may start slightly behind you and not go as far. At max upgrade, this means the spell can protect you from both sides somewhat. The buzzsaws also take a while to finish after the casting animation is complete, so you can move away just after casting it while the buzzsaws continue to deal damage from where you were before.

Buzzsaws completely ignore all terrain including pits, slopes, walls, and the line in the volleyball game. This is another feature unique to them.

This is the most powerful spell for defeating enemies that aren't knocked over, due to the number of hits. This makes characters using this spell able to defeat ground-based bosses in mere seconds. Even taking enemies that are knocked over into consideration, the spell is still overpowered because of the incredible crowd control capabilities.

When at max potential, this attack does approximately 2.9x more damage to any enemy that receives chain damage than the next most powerful splash attack, but at the same time it yields four times as much XP per cast of magic, making it the most effective form of magic for XP farming on bosses Catfish/Painter. Also, at maxed magic, when the splash is spammed, it can eviscerate Catfish before it even spits out a furball, but only on Normal Mode.

The only Splash Attacks that come remotely close in the same fast killing power ranks are Snakey and Brute's Thorny Vines, Ninja's Smokescreen, and, to a lesser extent, Fire Demon's Flaming Pillars.

Magic Projectile


Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

A round saw blade used as a magic projectile.

Air Projectile


Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

A round saw blade used as a magic projectile. An advanced use of Juggling, named Spellweaving, can use this Air Projectile for flashy techniques.

Elemental Infusion

"Armor Pierce"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage^2 + Base Melee Damage^2

Use 360 X.png360 X.png360 X.png360 Y.png / PS3 Square.pngPS3 Square.pngPS3 Square.pngPS3 Triangle.png to perform. This attack pierces armor, and it deals two times normal damage. That means it deals as much damage to a Barbarian or Thief on Normal Mode as it does to a Stove Face or Cult Minion on Insane Mode.

Magic Jump

"Smog Rise"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Jump with purple steam cloud and steam sound effect that damages enemies.



The best character in the game, alongside Industrialist. Fencer's Splash Attack has way too many upsides. This allows Fencer and Industrialist to trivialize any encounter in the game, in a heartbeat. The reduction of damage from attacking regular enemies is essentially buried under the positives of Fencer. The "Saw Trap" Splash Attack defies terrain. Guaranteed the easiest time all around, no matter what game type.

Castle Crashers

Capitalize on Magic as soon as possible. Weapon choice almost doesn't make a difference due to how powerful the "Saw Trap" Splash Attack is. Fencer, Industrialist, and to a lesser extant any boss slayer in the game, bar Fire Demon and Red Knight, truly only struggle against massive amounts of enemies or a very quick heavyweight such as in Thieves' Forest and Wizard Castle Interior and Conehead Groom, respectively. Especially if the Fencer player can not utilize Juggling at all to save his/her life. The "Saw Trap" Splash Attack alleviates a lot of that stress, admittedly. Easiest Normal Mode and easiest Insane Mode, when the latter is mastered.

Late game, Fencer lives up to his reputation. Recommended to use a Strength heavy weapon, a Magic heavy weapon, or both. Animal Orb selection does make a bit of difference. The top 3 in Piggy, Snoot, and Hawkster, will suffice.


If it wasn't any good enough, Fencer is one of the most powerful Arena characters. The "Saw Trap" Splash Attack, while lacking time and regeneration, still functions with the overpowered nature of it, leading to an easy mediumweight juggle.

Unlock Path

Start Character Unlocks Unlocks
Blue Knight Industrialist Fencer



  • Fencer and Industrialist are reskins of each other.
  • Fencer is widely considered the most powerful character in the game, in Castle Crashers, along with Industrialist.
    • They have the most powerful Splash Attack out of any character in the game.
    • They also have the Splash Attack with the most number of hits out of all characters in the game.
  • Fencer, Industrialist, and Killer Beekeeper's magic jump is the equivalent of an obstacle in Alien Ship. Killer Beekeepers uses Bees instead of buzzsaws however.  
  • Fencer can be used to earn "The Traitor" Achievement/Trophy by defeating the Industrial Machine
  • NPC Fencers have the ability to throw Bombs freely; which deals the highest amount of damage out of all of the other NPCs to have this ability.  

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