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Electricity is an elemental effect that is dealt from weapon effects and/or Red Knight's magic. damage. Killer Beekeepers, Fire Demons, Skeletons, Dragon and Sock Puppet, Fencers, Industrialists, Ninjas, Scarabs, Snakeys, Medusa, and the Painter all resist Electricity. Barbarians, Trolls, Bears, Slimes, Coneheads, Conehead Groom, Royal Guards, Corn Boss, and the Fishmen all are weak to Electricity. Red Knight is the only character that can cast Electricity Magic Attacks. He can manipulate his electricity by holding it for a quite a bit at maximum potential, leading to good damage, at the exchange of a drained mana bar.  


A player can tell when the Electricity status effect has been inflicted when a small lightning bolt spews out of the weapon. Another indication of the Electricity status effect is when the enemy gets electrocuted and shows off the enemy's skeleton.

Weapon effects with this modifier tend to be mediocre, unviable weapons.


Not all weapons inflict the Electricity status effect. If the description of a weapon contains a lightning bolt symbol Lightning icon.png, it indicates that the weapon is capable of inflicting it.

Enemies wielding these weapons will have the same chances of inflicting Electricity damage. This remains true for Beefies.

Here is a list of weapons that grants the player with the Electricity status effect.

Image Weapon Strength Magic Defense Agility Special Location Required Level
60 Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod -1 0 0 0 Electricity (1%) Marsh (Cardinal required) 1
42 Light Saber.png Light Saber 0 0 0 +2 Electricity (2%) Conehead
Cyclops' Fortress
79 Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt 0 +3 0 0 Electricity (1%) Church Store (Insane Mode)
Purchase BattleBlock Theater, then startup Castle Crashers on Steam after doing so
67 Glowstick.png Glowstick -4 +5 +5 0 Electricity (1%) Cult Minion 20
75 Electric Eel.png Electric Eel 0 +4 -1 0 Electricity (3%) Swamp Village Store (Insane Mode)
Pink Knight Pack
78 Cattle Prod.png Cattle Prod 0 0 +4 0 Electricity (4%) Snow Store (Insane Mode)
Blacksmith Pack

Image Weapon Strength Magic Defense Agility Special Location Required Level
42 Light Saber.png Lightsaber 0 0 0 +1 Electricity (1%) Conehead
Cyclops' Fortress
Old Electric Eel.png Electric Eel 0 +2 -1 0 Electricity (1%) Pink Knight Pack
78 Cattle Prod.png Cattle Prod 0 0 +3 0 Electricity (2%) Legend of the Blacksmith Pack

Enemies Resistant To Electricity

Image Name Resistance
9 Beekeeper.png Killer Beekeeper Lightning icon.png
24 Fire Demon.png Fire Demon Lightning icon.png
25 Skeleton.png Skeleton Lightning icon.png
Dragon and Sock Puppet.png Dragon and Sock Puppet Lightning icon.png
8 Fencer.png Fencer Lightning icon.png
10 Industrialist.png Industrialist Lightning icon.png
27 Ninja.png Ninja Lightning icon.png
Scarab.png Scarab Lightning icon.png
14 Snakey.png Snakey Lightning icon.png
Medusa.png Medusa Lightning icon.png
Painter.png Painter Lightning icon.png

Enemies Weak To Electricity

Image Name Resistance
6 Barbarian.png Barbarian Lightning icon.png
Troll Mother.png Troll Mother Lightning icon.png
19 Bear.png Bear Lightning icon.png
Slime.png Slime Lightning icon.png
21 Conehead.png Conehead Lightning icon.png
GroomCC.png Conehead Groom Lightning icon.png
16 Royal Guard.png Royal Guard Lightning icon.png
Corn Boss.png Corn Boss Lightning icon.png
Fish man!!!!.png Fish Man Lightning icon.png


  • Electricity does not provide any damage over time, and the electric stun is shorter than an enemy's normal flinch time, so having the electric effect happen at specific times will leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks where it wouldn't have normally.

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