Dragonhead is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.



Primary Ability


Dragonhead will occasionally shoots fireballs at your opponent, leaving them with a burn effect if the shot lands. Although it may seem useful as it does quite a bit of damage (61 in total), it is still unreliable, as most of the time the fireballs will miss the opponent, therefore making this a bad pet choice. He is slightly better than Pelter because of the after damage. However, Dragonhead does melt frozen opponents, making him a bad choice while using Iceskimo or Blue Knight.


  • The Dragonhead appears to be a smaller version of the Dragon and Sock Puppet's head which is located at the end of Lava World.
  • Dragonhead is a D Rank pet (D).
  • Pelter and Dragonhead are the two Animal Orbs that are sold in the Insane Store.
  • In Mid 2018, Dragonhead was discovered to have the additional ability of occasionally setting up combos. The result of this discovery was controversial.

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