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Desert Chase is the twenty-fourth level in the game Castle Crashers. On Insane Mode, the Saracens can easily kill a player who isn't at a good height for juggling or a player who can't abandon their juggle.


As soon as you start the level, a Saracen riding on a camel will come to attack you. Knock the Saracen off his camel and jump on this mount yourself, move to the far left corner of the screen, and jump off the camel so that no other Saracen or Royal Guard can mount it and mindlessly swinging on the camel is a waste of time. Watch out for the quicksand along your way.

A brief cutscene will play that shows a Saracen on a camel with an Animal Orb following him. It is up to you whether or not you should kill this Saracen.

Go through the sand castle entrance to finish the level. Next comes the Sand Castle Interior level.


  • Falchion - Has a chance of being dropped by Saracens and Royal Guards if you were too lazy to dig up the weapon in Desert.
  • Kielbasa - Dig spot; using the Shovel, dig up past the quick sand, next to a large rock that is casting a shadow with an "X" just at the bare end of the shadow.
  • Pumpkin Peeler - Another dig spot; using the Shovel, dig up at the "X" in the dirt spot to the bottom left of the bird statue with a snake wrapped around the bottom of it that appears in the level midway through the level to dig up the weapon.

Animal Orbs

  • Zebra - Kill the Saracen on the Camel before the Saracen escapes into the Sand Castle. The Animal Orb will be free to grab once the Saracen dies.


  • You can run faster than the camel with just a couple points invested into your Agility stat, making the camels here more of a distraction than a necessity.


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Character unlocked


  • The music that plays throughout this level is a remixed don't by snayk.
  • The level is seen once again during the End Credits in the Final Battle level. The crystal goes very far into the level for the player(s) to see the dead corpses of the Aliens and Saracens.

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