Castle Crashers like other games has Deleted Characters, characters that were planned to be in the game but didn't make it.

The only known deleted characters are...

  • Rainbow Knight: There was deleted preview of the Rainbow Knight, by getting all the characters to level 99.
  • Arabian Knight: Was changed into Saracen because the Arabian Knight was going to fight for the King but the four Knights were enough.
  • Prince: Obviously the King's son, he was supposed to be in the game. The King was not originally going to be DLC and was supposed to be playable at the start of the game, so to unlock the Prince, you would beat the game with the King. He was removed when the Open Faced Gray Knight was announced, thus making the King Pack DLC.
  • Evil Knight: Was going to be a boss and then playable if you beat the game as the Conehead, but was replaced by the Conehead Groom.
  • Monkey Man: He was dropped in favor of Snakey.
  • Assassin: The King's assassin was to be playable, but was dropped due to lack of space. The original way to unlock the Assassin was to beat the game with the Prince.
  • Troll: Was removed because the Troll's magic was going to be forest based but was voted away by workers at The Behemoth. It was going to be unlocked by beating the game with the Conehead before being replaced by the Evil Knight, who was also removed later in time.
  • Yellow Knight: He appeared in the beta, but was replaced with Orange Knight, many rumors got out on how to unlock the Yellow Knight, but they are all false.
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